questionsdid you make it to the antechamber of doom?


Meh. I was working. A Boc is, after all, what the acronym means. Nothing more, nothing less.


@jsimsace: But the temporary thrill of having the opportunity to get to click the yellow button is really the best part of the whole thing. The actual bag is always meh. That's the Crap Commandments!


I made it to the Antechamber on the last boc. It was sold out by the time I made it through, but it's a nice feature.


I want to see what the antechamber looks like.. o_O


Yup, I did not get one after but I liked the new concept. When exiting the chamber it went to the order page with a pink box telling me it sold out sorry message.


@joshobra: It's nice, there's a little machine to keep you company while you wait.