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Well, they do it all the time. You just pointed out one of the real problems with that particular episode. Plenty of customers were pointing out that the picture and many of the specs were consistient with the original Nabi, but were squelched and deleted. So, the mods deleted what was the truth, and substituted information that shortly thereafter was admitted to be incorrect. And too late to do anything about it.


@thunderthighs reasoning

She did what she thought was best at the time with the info she had.

I think the question should be: Who to tar and feather for false advertisement? or: Why doesn't everyone boycott Woot for making a mistake? or: Why is it always when a deal looks too good to be true, it usually is? or: Why shouldn't I hold everyone else to higher standards then I do myself? :-@

Things get messed up sometimes. It wasn't done with malicious intent, and they are trying to take care of it. That is way better than some retailers out there.


This goes again to the need for firm rules, rather than an FAQ.

We need something the mods are bound to as well as the users, so things like this are avoidable or at least predictable.


Personally, I don't think mods should delete posts unless they are abusive. I like to see as much info as possible.


It's not universal. It's at the discretion of the moderators and per the direction of @Gatzby.
@Thunderthighs removed the posts that would have been confusing in light of updated information. She DID use the information in those posts to question the veracity of the listing, and was assured it was the correct model. It only turned out in the end to have been in error.

I know back in the heyday, people would not only get posts deleted, but also probation for forum shenanigans, or just being dorks (especially on the shirt side of things, those folks got vicious).

It's Woot's playground, they make the rules.
General guidline (as determined by observation):
It if adds confusion, misinformation, abusive, or personal attack, it will likely get nixed.

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Oh! Wait! Forgot where I was!
Down with the man!
We will not be oppressed!
Freedom to the people!

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It was a tough call. This was a confusing sale from the get go as it referred to two different products and there was a lot of confusion. I left the posts when I was told it was a Navi 1. When I was told it was a Navi 2, the thread was just too darn confusing by that point and all the info about it being a Navi 2 was pushed to page 2. That was my big concern. All the picture vs part number issues had been fixed and those posts had no merit at that point and the responses to them were meaningless. For someone coming to the sale/forum after that point, I wanted the most recent info to the be the most visible. The latest info in the sale was what was the most important at that time.


@pyxientx: Why doesn't everyone boycott Woot for making a mistake?

I am boycotting....

finished boycotting.


While I agree with @thunderthighs: this time. Over all I think the admins should keep from deleting post (unless personal attacks) and trust we will downvote misinformation.

I think deals is too modded. When deals started post that were personal attacks on fellow members were allowed, even after I tattled on the post.

So why is this time different? Because an admin got involved and was trying to fix things.


To answer the original question (without reference to NabiGate) - the mods should not delete pertinent information about a product for sale. And they usually don't delete those comments, unless they are blatantly inaccurate. Now, as for the super wide leeway in deleting comments that ruffle someone in an annoying way, without being blatantly trollish, I'm not a fan.

As for NabiGate - I understand why the original page of "are these Nabi 1's?" were removed. Woot was told they were Nabi 2's, but that information would be buried pages into, "wut are these?" - it made sense with the information they had at the time. Since they found the massive error, they've let the forum react openly.


@caffeine_dude: Can't downvote on the mains. Only DW.
For now.

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@caffeine_dude: "When deals started post that were personal attacks on fellow members were allowed, even after I tattled on the post"

Over time we have endeavored to bring all sites in line with the same basic set of rules, including trying to stamp out the personal attacks. We recognize that the two sets of forums are a little different in style (you all get to vote over here) and personality, but we're all part of a larger community, and part of that is helping whenever possible ensure that people feel comfortable traveling back and forth to get the most information as they need, be it for a product, user submitted deal or just to chat on a topic that interests them. Is it a perfect system, no. Do we try as best we can? Yes. :)

anyway, back to the Nabis


@morriea: Bet that was tough. No buying for 3 seconds, I know I would have withdrawls. ;)


Normally, I would say no. That whole situation got crazy confusing, so I could see deleting what they thought was wrong information and numerous postings asking the same question.

On a side note, anybody else getting ticked reading all the newbs' posts slamming Woot? I know it wasn't all new folks upset at what happened, but I was finding many posts by people who just signed up, and they were pretty offensive. Calling them scum, threatening legal action, calling out a specific mod. All without giving time for the situation to be handled.


@pitamuffin: Yeah. I tried to talk them down, or at least listen to reason. No go. Unreasonable expectations, but considering they sold thousands, it wasn't all that bad.

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Comments get deleted like crazy over on ... like to the point where it's pretty ridiculous.

I don't see why. I thought the whole point of the comments was to comment.

No wonder the items only have like 20 comments anymore, I don't even read them.

It's laaaaaaaaaaaaame.


@j5: Oh ya woops, I forgot. Thanks for the correction!

I almost never read post over there unless I am interested in a product.
So ya if information about the specifics of the product are wrong then perhaps a delete, or even a Mod edit. This does not include the negative comments, is someone had a bad experience with a product I really would like to know.

I agree with @iggz: (kind of) not much to read over there on that side, it has been depersonalized.


I was recently deleted for saying that refurb headphones were gross over on I still think they're gross, and I posted so that those who might not have caught the fact that the headphones were refurb would be aware of that fact before ordering. Apparently, that information being discussed in the forums was not wanted. Still...GROSS!!!


I agree with @caffeine_dude (just a tiny, tiny bit) depersonalized is exactly the word


@iggz: I agree with @iggz: a lot for agreeing with me a tiny tiny bit (any more that that would just be so wrong)
You know it is your personal attacks from you I think of when I say personal attack.

I know it was long ago and, they are still here, so I should let it go, and I am trying.
I agree @trekmiss: that you should have the ability to state your opinion. (and if they are in the ear ya, gross).


They really delete stuff on the internet? Is that legal?


@caffeine_dude: I have no idea what you just said or what you're talking about.

Therefore, I no longer agree with you at all.