questionshow many houses do you visit on christmas day?


Christmas Eve day we always have the afternoon at my husband's mom's side, Christmas Eve night at my dad's side. Christmas during the day at my husband's sister's house with his dad's side, then Christmas day in the evening at my parents' house for my mom's side.

My husband's family is sort of separated in two due to the death of my husband's mother about six years ago. My family is separated in two due to no one liking each other. Four Christmases are hectic but at least we always spread them across two days.


3 for me, 4 for my kids:
Christmas morning at my house, then moving to my mom & stepdad's house for more Christmas morning. Then to my dad & stepmom's house for lunch. From 2-8 they are with their dad, then we will go back to my mom's house for Christmas dinner (baked stuffed shrimp - yum!!!).

It's actually fewer than when I was a kid, so it's all good. My kids say when they're adults they want to host Christmas, but otoh they like all the gifties. :)


Not nearly as many as Santa Claus will be...


@curli76: Another "Jewish" way is to go to down to Atlantic City. Generally, the only ones there on Christmas eve are the Jews and Asians.


I like to stay at home, myself. I'm not much of a social butterfly, so I mostly just hang around my own place. If I do go somewhere, it's usually only one more house.


We plan on 2. S/O's Dad, then his Mom. We do usually end up stopping to see a few friends on our way home.


Only visiting one. We have our own celebration here in the AM then go to my sister's house for another party that includes lunch.


This year, two. My own (which is also conveniently my moms) and my dad and his girlfriends.

Other years (right after they split up mainly), it was up to 5! My moms, my dads, my aunts or one of my cousins, my other aunt and sometimes my cousin who lived an hour away. Fun...or not :/


Only two (I guess technically three if you count finishing up by driving home to my house at the end of the night) on Christmas Day. But 5 or 6 throughout the holiday week. We start at my stepdaughter's house for the weekend all the way up to Christmas morning to celebrate with my granddaughter. We do Christmas eve dinner at my in-laws (same town, all of whom are 4 hrs from our home). Christmas day, after the morning festivities with the little one, we drive to my Dad's family for Christmas dinner and more gift exchanges. Later that evening we drive home (only a half-hour thankfully). Later that week, we drive down to my Mom's (6 hrs) and visit with her, and her family (2-3 other places an hour away from her) for a couple of days. It seems like we spend most of the time in a car, I usually save vacation time just so I can do all the travelling - but I enjoy seeing all the family.


Depends on the year. This year only one. Next year, either 2 or 4.


My own house, in-laws, parents, and grandparents (who host the extended family gathering).


My Christmas will be spent the Jewish way: at the movies, seeing Les Miserables.
I have to admit, though, it sounds cozy/idyllic to go house-hopping.


If I am lucky one but more likely two, in-laws and out-laws.


Usually just one other but this year I might swing by another gathering, festively drop off a bottle of wine or some such, then move onward to the main event, which is pretty much going to be cocktails and snacks vs. a full out dinnerfest. Week night, y'know. No rest for the wicked.


I will end up just visiting two, after having Christmas at my own house of course. Got to see my parents and my wife's mother. Her dad lives too far away so we will have to see him sometime in the next week following Christmas.