questionsis woot cracking down on multiple accounts?


Nope, no crackdown.

Can you Woot PM me more info:

Amazon login or woot login
Steps to reproduce
Your mother's maiden name (just kidding)

Anything that you think would help us research it.



Could you check your PMs pls.


@wtfiwannalogin: Just in case you don't know where/how to check your pm's


maybe that's why the boards are so quite these days


FYI: Thanks to the info that @wtfiwannalogin gave us, the developers pinpointed a bug with logging in using email addresses and fixed it the same day. Thank you.


I trust ThunderThighs too, it took me a while to find the PM button as I don't use Woot as a social network, so haven't used them previously.

I can confirm that I can log into my other 2 accounts via username and email address as well as this account.

Now I have 3 - Three - THREE accounts bwa ha ha ha, ... too bad I still have to pay for merch whichever account I use.


Hey here's another, public kudos to ThunderThighs for resolving this issue. Just today I got a response from the tech support email that I submitted on Jan 6. (There WAS a notice that TS was behind due to the holidays when I submitted it.)

I have to say that TS was less helpful than ThunderThighs:
Hello (accountname),
Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

I'm very sorry to hear that! We advise clearing your cookies/cache or trying a different web browser, since some browsers apparently don't like people shopping for great deals. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused.
Woot Member Services,

See the difference? Yay ThunderThighs!