questionsdoes anyone else automatically downvote memory…


I generally try not to pay too much attention to who is posting, but outdated memory for $100 would get a downvote regardless of who submits it.

Typically, it goes like this: "Wow, that's a terrible deal. Why would they post it?" -looks to who posted- "Oh. That makes sense."

That can apply to a decent few posters on here


No. But there are 2 that I do automatically downvote.

Worldofcables because the shipping costs are always outrageous.

And cufflinksman because.... well just check out his "deals".


I've noticed that too, $30 for a 128MB Xd card ???? If it were a SD card it should be going for < 12 cents, if you could even find one that small!
I don't automatically downvote but I do chuckle to myself and wonder what kind of fool would pay those prices ;)


He's just trying to capitalize on the hipsters.

"Dude look at this memory card. It's maker is like really obscure- you've probably never heard of them. It's 256 mb. Totally retro."


I'm still saving up my downvotes; rumor has it that they can be cashed in for Jumbowoot coupons kinda like at Chucky Cheese. :)