questionsdid you realize you can get a woot monkey without…


Why else would you want one?


It's not a Woot! monkey if it doesn't say Woot! on the cape.


True...I guess I should make it, a "Screaming Monkey"...My woot monkey screamed once then stopped. I can't get it to scream again. I've thrown it to the ground, pounded on it and flung it across the room...bleh.


We buy screaming monkeys here because it's Woot. It's just like buying Leakfrogs somewhere else. Sure, you can, but it's just WRONG, y'know.


@jonpincus: Have you tried whispering sweet nothings in its ear?


@jonpincus: woot usually offers the helmet and cape monkeys like this -

Which actually feel much nicer than the masked monkey.

But it still isn't a woot monkey unless it says woot on the cape.


Do you realize you can buy a car without an engine and without wheels? That's kind of what I see you describing. I mean - without the Woot! logo it is kinda... meh.


You can also buying flying cows, pigs and chickens complete with a plain non-woot! cape and weird noises. The question remains, why would you want to?


@jonpincus: you may have to open up the monkey to check if the batteries died. I believe it's three button batteries for the sound box.

Hope this helps.