questionswalk up and down one side of the street tonight…


up one side and down the other. zig-zagging adds too much lateral movement resulting in an inefficient route... unless you're dodging sniper fire. then always go with zig-zag.


Just run real fast and get out ahead of all the other, wait...that was my Dad's advice for the Easter Egg Hunt. I agree with @carl669 straight up and down the street is much more efficient.


Depends on the neighborhood. Distance between houses, who has lights on, good/bad reputation for candy. who you know....Many factors to consider.

I was never real big on trick or treating once I hit my teens. Then I was hauling out the younger ones or handing out at the door. Tonight I had to work late, I got home with about 30 minutes left of the designated time. I did not see one goblin this year.


I think street walking should only be done on one side of the street. Wait! What was that question again?


The first thing I thought of was the roundabout route usually taken by Billy in The Family Circus comic strip............


From the better-late-than-never files... Up & down is safer than crossing the street over & over all the way down the block.