questionsdo you use a personal shopping cart (granny cart…


have and have broken several.
you want four wheels over two (one never knows what kind of obstacles might suddenly appear)
you want large tires to be able to get over the cracks in the sidewalk that magically got worse since last time you made the trip.
you want a metal frame over plastic/cloth to be able to support the weight of whatever you need to carry.
you want taller sides to fit more (sale days), and a stable handle (the collapsible handles tend to fail).
light weight is good for carrying when empty, just remember that when full the plastic frames tend to bend.

happy shopping


@odielover: Wow! Thanks for the very thorough answer. I am quite afraid of it breaking down on me, especially mid-trip. I had that happen while wheeling a large suitcase and 2 blocks from my destination, one of the small plastic wheels came off. Nightmare!

Thanks again for all the info!


In an urban area I used to live in, a lot of young adults used kids red wagons instead. They were handy for gargening and other stuff too.


I have both a collapsable cart and a wagon. I used the cart first and it was awkward because of the thin frame and the tendency to fall over. It was high so any of the items you put on the bottom get crushed by the items you put on the top. The wheels were so small that it has difficulty going over any bumps or sidewalk to road transitions.

My first wagon rusted and fell apart. I finally upgraded to a higher quality wagon and still have it. Larger tires lets me roll it on grass. It's also easier to pull instead of pushing the other cart type. Both cart types have four wheels and for my purposes, two wheels would be insufficient.

If you have to take these on a bus, the wagon would be very difficult to get up the steps and around sharp corners. It also doesn't collapse so it takes more area to store it when you're not using it.


I agree with most of what the first poster says. But I think this is something you should pick up at a hardware store rather than ordering online. Sometimes they're already put together and you can check them out for quality.