questionschallenge: king size air bed?


After looking, King looks to be very difficult to come by, so a queen will do as well.


I frequently use a queen-sized airbed in place of the regular mattress on my guest bed. I actually prefer it whenever I am sleeping in that room, although I don't put my guests on it. Both the Ozark and the Coleman brand with the flocking on one side are comfortable, but neither has a built-in pump.
My neighbor keeps trying to talk me into the sleep number bed, but they are very expensive for what is basically an airbed (IMHO) with some extra padding.
Another neighbor has a queen on an expandable scissor style base so that it is not on the floor or on your box spring. She says she got it from JC Penney some time ago and that her guests really like it.


My wife and I used a queen-sized extra-height air bed for multiple weeks, and it eventually expanded/stretched into a "California King." It didn't quite have the length, but after about the 3rd straight week of use, we couldn't fit the queen-sized sheet on it anymore and had to buy the cali-king sheet to fit it.


The problem with the king size ones, is that they are very thin. This one is so inexpensive, you could stack 2, and still be in your price range. Whatever you do, stick with a flocked one, otherwise the sheets pop off in the night.


Thanks everyone.

They ended up going with a queen size one from Amazon. It should be here Wednesday.


two different styles here, one with an internal pump and one with a hand held pump. hope it helps