questionshas anyone gotten any jumbo coupons lately?


And...... let the downvotes on this question begin

Yes, we received a coupon in January for having a deal with a certain score. (Over 25 got one $20, over 50 got two, and another score got three)

You should know that asking coupon questions isn't exactly well loved and received, as it seems as though you're only on the site for the free stuff. While it's nice to receive a gift from the great @jumbowoot, it shouldn't fuel your desire to be active and do things on the site.


@captainsuperdawg: I think it was over 100 got you 3 $20 coups.


downvote. do I really need to explain why?


@gideonfrost: Ok, thanks. I didn't know if it was 100 or 75.


Actually I was surprised yesterday that nobody had asked yet. Not because I approve of the asking, but it just seemed last month the question was asked about 8 times by this time of the month.


@captainsuperdawg: Actually when you said 75 I decided to go look it up and this is from my email.

"Well, I remember that you posted a deal in December that achieved a final vote score greater than 125.
(It may not have that score right now but it did at the end of December.)"

So apparently I was wrong.


Good god I didn't know it was such a touchy subject. It's like it's some super secret club and if you let anyone know you're out.

I just asked if there had been one, not why I didn't get one or how I get one. I've been here on Deals.woot for a long time and quite active. I was just curious. I have no idea why this is such a big deal for everyone. The coupons are clearly a reward for being active and participating in what makes this portion of woot profitable for the company. It's in no way some sort of special thing for being a good boy, it's simply a way to ensure people that are capable of identifying and providing the details for what makes this site profitable continue to do so. I don't know what delusions anyone has developed to the contrary.

It's a simple question.


@gideonfrost: Wow. Good job btw on finding such a good deal. I'm quite jealous of your deal-finding skills.


@starbob: It's is true any questions regarding coupons or reputation get blown out of the proverbial water. I find it's best to stay away from them. Although after a coupon code comes out there's usually 1 question that gets 100 votes or more. But you have to be quick on that one.


it's hard not to come across as a beggar when posting questions like "what do I have to do to get one?", "is there one?" etc. It's just in poor taste, like asking your mom how much she plans to spend on you for christmas.


@kamikazeken: I did neither. I asked if anyone had gotten one simply to know if I had missed any. I have received several before. It's clear people are jaded by that but I don't even think people read the rest of the statement - they just simply assumed what you're saying and downvoting blindly. Seems unnecessarily harsh to me.


"Has anyone gotten any jumbo coupons lately?"
and the entirety of your post screams
"I haven't got my coupons, WAAAAH!"
to me. Particularly "so I'm hoping one is coming along soon :D"

I would suggest that no matter your original intent, you're fighting a losing battle trying to defend yourself on this topic.


@kamikazeken: Yeah, thanks to the hivemind mentality of deals.woot, once people start going one way there's no way to stop it. A legitimate question gets screwed because a bunch of idiots who find out that coupons are involved in this process start demanding to be a part of it. Such is the nature of perspective though.

I still have no idea how asking ABOUT something is turned in to asking FOR something in the minds of some, but that's all part of the mystery. I really don't care about defending myself here, at the end of the day I'm still going to be posting good deals, comments, questions and answers to the best of my ability. I'm just trying to figure out how people can be so compelled to assume and derive things simply based on past experiences. Maybe in the future, the same individuals will be less prone to jump to irrelevant conclusions about the nature of such things.


@starbob: It seems like you're prophetic because they just gave out a coupon.


@gideonfrost: I didn't get anything. Probably because this question was downvoted to oblivion because apparently I'm "greedy" for asking about whether or not anyone got a damn coupon. God forbid I ask if anyone won the lottery today... I'll be a greedy prick just for wanting to know.


@starbob: Your whole question is just stated wrong. Sure it was probably just curiosity like "hey hows the weather". But the fact that you were expecting something (because it's February, what happened, January this, I tried to predict the next requirement) or curious in the case of you may have missed it, was the part that's wrong. Then your last sentence... "so I'm hoping one is coming soon :D" sounds like greed. Jumbowoot can stop doing nice things whenever the feelings right, and it shouldn't matter. Shortly put - You shouldn't EXPECT something.


@duckcake: When did the word "hope" turn in to "expect"? I'll go back to the lottery situation. "I hope I win the lottery1! :D" Is anyone who says this greedy? Does saying this imply that they are expecting they wil win? Seriously, it sounds like you guys are just digging for excuses to blast anyone who mentions anything like this regardless of the context. It was a legitimate question and any literate person can see that, but because of this hardcore mentality associated with it, I'm getting reamed over it.

I'm done replying here I don't need to hear more excuses and get downvoted for exposing the ridiculous stigma associated with something that should never be a big deal in the first place. It's a coupon. If you're looking for greedy people look at your politicians an corporate leaders, not those just curious about the existence of a coupon.


Smile, it's just the internet.


Hi...I haven't gone there for awhile now. After I searched the internet I've found the 15% off coupons through: