questionshow are you celebrating national taco day (oct 4)?



oh so glad I saw this question!
Taco tuesday celebration tonight!


Oh god no, more tacos...I didn't even know about this holiday.

I just went on a literal 3-4 day long lunch and dinner taco binge that I just ended today, no more tacos please!


@wingnutzero: That sounds like a fantastic idea. mmmmmm taco pizza


Now I'm really craving Tacos. And all they have is west-mex here.


Today is my dog's birthday. So I am taking him to Taco Cabana for a free chicken fajita taco, and I will buy a couple of tacos for myself to enjoy. I don;t know why you have the "if you can stomach it" preface, as I love Taco Cabana. I prefer homegrown Mexican food (and there's a lot of it, I live a half mile from the border and work only a few hundred feet from it). But for a chain restaurant, TC does a good job.


Eating left over tacos I made last night as I didn't know today was a celebration day for it.


I'm getting a hooker....

a taco, people! A taco!
They work hard, they deserve that "fourth meal"
Head on over today while the prices are 'hot'
Sorry I don't have a coupon code. It's not like I'm some sort of pushy promoter. ;-)
Jus' tell 'em Bill sent ya