questionsanyone else notice the 'popular' tab is now theā€¦


Yes. And the comments don't say "popular" any longer either. Cool!


The questions in the fresh tab also contain the top questions.


so it's not a popularity contest anymore? i'm outta here!


I did not notice until you pointed it out.


I noticed it earlier. So what is the tag going to say now? Now a deal says added so and so a time and made popular at so and so a time. Is it now going to say added at this time and shot to the top at this time or something like that?

Or will it just say "Made Top Deal" at such and such a time?


Well it looks like the "popular flow" category is what the popular tab used to be.


@neolithicx: Good catch. Just goes to show how when there is a change how easy it is to miss the simple things. Unless it wasn't there earlier.


yes, confirmed on that being the old view. I hope this new tab is intuitive for others as I really like it. Before there was no real way to answer "what is the top deal on deals-woot right now" and this new view supplies that. The old view is the flow, then the two buckets for sort-by-votes.

The one downside to handle when you have a dynamic Top rank is that if you check in a short period of time - say a few hours - you can't as easily see what is new. Over a longer time, almost everything is new so that's fine. It's the midrange that is slightly less efficient in exchange for being real-time dynamic.


I told myself I was gonna ask this question when I got home if nobody else already had I thank you @unclefrog

There are already comments and some inf0 from @snapster, neat. Gonna go read - curious to see if it explains the tabs/subtabs (ie popular flow v. top).
Enough narration. Reading time.


Nooooooo! Change is bad!

(later edit)

Nooooooo! Nooooooo!


Yes, just noticed that. Hmmm...

@okham: I believe you want this:


I do NOT care for this change at all.. I may have to switch back to SlickDeals or

Even the "Popular Flow" is not the same.. I miss the "Deal Gone Popular"


@devexityspace: Popular flow is the same as before - it remains a good way to check to see what you might have missed in the rank snapshot since your last visit.


@snapster: In the previous version - Couldn't you do the sort on most votes on popular deals from a day ago and get the same results as the top current rank?


@baqui63: Excellent! Just the thing to wrap up the day.


@theoneill555: no, that view would be aged considerably - it is just an accumulation and generally only works in the larger ranges of time.

this is real-time. the reason we started using it is that it is absolutely required for comparing daily-deals versus ongoing (multiple day) deals, which is the primary data mix on local-woot. we've actually been testing it for a good 6 months here internally on deals-woot too, in the background. so nice to have it live for everyone, even with the expected change kickback.


@snapster: As I'd said elsewhere, I do not understand the motivation for it, other than that it's clever. Goose. Golden. Egg.



I get the odd feeling that Zuckerberg has been added to the payroll... ;-)


@snapster: And that is the problem. It is now almost impossible to check in for short periods of time and find out what is new. Having to look at the same older items over and over is a waste of time. And who has the time to dedicate all day to viewing this?

I'm afraid you may lose a lot of your participants who just check in now and then throughout the day to see what has changed.


Good gracious. I am astounded. Here I am in my 7th decade and change does not bother me like it does you younguns.


@snapster: OK, cool toy, but can we change the default for when you click on the top tab from current rank to popular flow?

The front page is your key to grabbing someone's attention with fantastic new deals and if it shows little change (as the current rank tab does) the drive-by visitors will miss out (some people on this site didn't even notice that there were three tabs in each section for months and in one case a year). Couldn't we have a section on the sidebar showcasing the most popular of the moment?

@klozitshoper: It is not the change that is so bothersome as the unchanging/stale deals I have seen on the front page all day long.


So sad, this was the first place I could be popular :'-(


The image is really helpful, but not that accurate.


@klozitshoper: Wait for it!!! Some time in the middle of the night you will wake up and realize how much you don't like this change, then you will fall asleep and forget that the change bothered you...
That is what I'm hoping will happen for me, excluding waking up in the middle of the night...


@hobbitss: I've been here since 2004, and the one constant is change!


Dear woot:

Congratulations on achieving your Netflix/Qwickster moment. I won't be using the site until I can do it how I used to.


Guy who has no interest in seeing the same deals over again every time he wants to see what's new.


@katblue: +1 on this comment.

Thought I was crazy seeing the same deals almost instantly jump to different pages. This is fine and all, but PLEASE at least leave us the choice to sort by most recently added (or popular). Total waste of time now. Used to be able to go in every morning and look at the first several pages and eventually get to where you left off yesterday. Clicked through a dozen pages and still had deals that went popular 8-10 hours ago...

Woot!, PLEASE fix!!