questionsdo you have any ideas for good kids' crafts to do…


Check out for a lot of craft kits -- they're currently carrying a lot of VBS items. Their prices are good, their shipping is reasonable and fast, and my experiences with them have always been positive.

They're also good for party and celebration-type goods as well.


+1 for oriental trading, magic cave beat me to it.


Yeah. I've used them in the past and have looked at some of their VBS crafts. We'll likely order some things from them. But I was hoping for some first hand experience/crafts that people have done recently (or not so recently) that were enjoyed and were a bit more unique (we're the fourth group to go down and do English camp in their neighborhood).


I'm a little concerned that we might be helping you set up a sweat shop.



Last year my 9 yr old and her friends did an activity at school where they made friendship bracelets. It was pretty simple and you don't need many words as there are instructional images you could print out to take with you. Also, if space is limited, instead of taping the ends of the strings to a table, you could safety pin them to the knee of your pants as you are seated, or try the wheel they show on this Instructable -

The kids loved picking out their colors and making the bracelets for each other even after the event was over. We used embroidery thread and also sisal.

Another thing we have made are beanbag balls. You can fill them with whatever is easily found there such as dried beans or rice, etc. Very easy and a lot of fun to play with afterwards.
This has some instructions on how to make them -

Have a fantastic trip and let us know how it goes!


Just thought of the other thing the kids make in the summer - balloon yo-yos. They are decorated on the outside with markers and filled with water.
They are so easy and of course the kids all have a blast making them.


You could make friendship bracelets with them? I don't know, that's all I got.


How about salvation bracelets?
If needed, you could use a Spanish translation of the Bible verses listed.


God's eyes? All you need are yarn and coffee stirrers (longer and thinner than popsicle sticks). Tie the sticks together at right angles with an 18-24" piece of yarn. Take the yarn and wrap around one stick, then 1/4 turn and go to the next stick. Go around that one and 1/4 turn. Repeat to the end of the yarn. Tie on more yarn for color variation. Knot off at the end. Make tassels if you want, or loops to hang.