questionshas pop.woot! already pooped out?


I was expecting something more. What's there could all be covered as side sales on the existing .woot sites. The main item is high priced. I was thinking it might be cheaper instabuy type items, like Sansas! Maybe I was expecting something more like


Yes, less than expected.


Lol, woot makes a new site to sell an item that is also for sale on a side deal on the same site. Genius.


I am filled with underwhelmage.


Agreed. And I clicked on every one of those stockingstuffer woots, hoping to find an actual site. That would be a great idea, @jumbowoot.


@pitamuffin: Sorry about that taste of bitter disappointment in your mouth. I did the same thing after she posted it as well.


As mentioned above, it's the contents that are poopy. Same ole, same ole. Nothing new, no 'grab 'em quick' bargains.

The concept was a good idea. + 1/2 for that. This is my glass is half-full mode for today. ;-)


I just realized all the sipping chocolate tins are the exact same shape and size as the Trader Joe's sipping chocolate. I wonder if the inside is the same too.


I'm disappointed too. And I think we can all agree that one thing we don't particularly need during the holidays is yet another disappointment.


Good feedback. I'll make sure to pass it on.

The more specific you can be, the more it helps us.


I won't miss it when it's gone.


@thunderthighs: More specific would be small items at small prices, woot-off style. Things like cheap gadgets, maybe $50 or less. Things that would fit in a stocking, like Sansas, batteries, styluses (styli?), mouses (mice?), input devices, handheld stuff, pocket games, pocket pets, pocket knives, headphones, earphones, flashlights, chocolate (the kind that real people eat, not the snooty expensive stuff), coffee, AA shirts (sorry, I couldn't resist), socks, slippers, snuggies, etc. I'm sure others have ideas, too, but that's what I had in mind when I read about Unfortunately, it's not even close, though some of the things I listed are available on the plus sales.


@trekmiss: I agree with your suggestions. Part of the problem for me with the Woot pop site is that nothing much surprises me there. It's hard to be specific about what you don't find somewhere, but lots of small items at small prices could be fantastic both for Woot & for Wooters during the holidays.