questionswhy was my title changed?


This happens more than you'd think. I've voted something up, come back, and been startled to see my vote on something that (I thought) I didn't vote on. Then, when I look at the description, and it looks familiar, I realize that the name was changed.

It's dumb, and annoying, but I don't make the rules. Lucky for some people I don't, too.

Oh, and I understand that it's partly to make sure that it fits in the Twitter moronic standard (140 chars or less). Boo on Twitter! BOO!!!


Now it reads "KangaROOS up to 69% off for $19.95 + $6.95 shipping"

Much better! I think that is the first time that I've put anything like the pocket bit in my title...I won't do that again.

I try to always include shipping in my deals (it's a pet peeve). I have no problem with adding it to the title. We've talked before about what should be included in a deal, it sounds like the title is really an issue now. I would prefer to write my title within the necessary parameters and avoid having it changed (and end up with a messed up title). 140 characters is important to know!


@glindagw: Hooray for KangaROOS! Thanks to whomever fixed this, also.


Blushes. Kicks ground. Trips and falls.


@shrdlu: Whoops, thanks for reminding me (I got distracted and forgot).


Kangaroo's + "Kicks ground. Trips and falls." I'm having serious elementary school flashbacks!


@jumbowoot: We like you, you know.

While you're paying attention, how about suggesting that the Deal adder not ALLOW more than 140 characters? Maybe that crazy cowboy programmer can make a change that will make life easier for folks. It seems reasonable that if Deals are going to get the title changed, it would be easier for staff to not have to go in and change them manually in the first place.

Just saying.


The hard limit for titles is 100 characters including spaces.
For individual products, we prefer them in this form:

Mfg Name Model# followed by additional important information
Dell Optiplex GX520 blah blah blah
(for perkalicious, this helps our pricegrabber module work better)

This, of course, does not apply to "KangROOS up to 60% off".
In this case, we prefer brevity.


@jumbowoot: Okay, we get it. Funny is for the description. Keep it out of the Title, no matter how terribly we're tempted. I love funny, myself.

[Edit] Thanks for the explanations.


@shrdlu: +1 for "crazy cowboy programmer"


@shawnmiller: oh, I can see that you are needing this one {loads up a three day old flounder}...



@jumbowoot: Not to take this thread too far off topic but is there a limit on characters for descriptions? I have found my calling recently in long rambling and nonsensical item descriptions crafted for deals.woot. I haven't hit the limit yet but have been wondering when I would since I have hit the limit on comments.



In that thread, @josefresno said:
"There are some inconsistencies between what the browser counts as 1000 characters and what the server counts as 1000 characters. This counting difference seems to vary from browser to browser and OS to OS...

Also, sometimes the browser will let through special characters that the server will not accept.

Thanks for bringing it back to our attention. "


@anotherhiggins: Hmmm, I recall that. What I am wondering is whether deal descriptions are treated differently than question threads. I haven't counted characters but I know that I have been stopped numerous times on question threads but my deal descriptions have always gone through fine. Though I feel like they have been just as freakishly long.


@erikadyscern: I just did a test. The entire posting screen will go pink after a while - but that's likely already too many characters (for the reason given in my last post).

The pain in the butt is that if you're over the 1000 characters (The way deals.woot counts them, which has been the topic of other discussions) but under the point where your browser thinks you're at 1000 and therefore turns the screen pink, you aren't given any warning that you've exceeded the limit... it just returns a server error after you submit. If that happens you lose the body of the post unless you save a copy. (Just one reason I hate, hate, hate the current posting window)

Apparently you don't ramble as much as you thought.


@shrdlu: DAMMIT, I go away for a fortnight (give or take a minute or two) and come back smelling something amiss and now find you using three day old flounders for THWACKing. Three day old, UNrefrigerated, leprosy-laden flounders.


@wootvan: Hah! You thought I was EVER using fresh? I don't think so. More smelly and disgusting, when at least three days old. Nice and slimy, too. Mmmmmmmmm

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Goodness, the things memory dredges up. I used to LOVE Dr Demento.

Here, have some more fish guts.

[Edit] Welcome back from the badlands (or wherever it was that you were).


it's "Fish Heads"

There was a time, that if you watched MTV for four hours, you would see this video at least once.


@wootvan: That was later. Dr Demento FTW! {Yes, I know how the song actually went, but MY way is funnier}