questionswhere do you eat on veteran's day?


Old Chicago (at least my local one) will give any World Beer Tour member 5 foamer bucks on their WBT card good on Vet Day only. beer....


Just saw the Golden Corral ad with Gary Sinise. They do a free veterans meal every year.


As much as I enjoy free food, the local Olive Garden is not even close to having edible food. Even their breadsticks were stale and overbaked. How do you even do that? Does everything come off a big truck now and just get reheated? Because that's how it sure tastes. Not sure if this is just a problem with the local iteration or if it's like this all over the place now. When I went to Germany in 2010 it wasn't terrible. Now in 2013 it's beyond crap. I used a coupon to eat at this one and felt overcharged.


My Dad and I are both vets. After looking online, we decided on Applebee's for lunch, and the Golden Corral for dinner. We look forward to this every year, and always have a great time!


I have no idea what I'll be having.
But my dad, a WWII Vet, will be going out w/ his buddies for a freebie at either Applebees or Bob Evans. They haven't decided yet.


I've just seen that Red Robin is offering a free Red's Double Tavern and steak fries for vets and active duty. That's where I'll be headed tomorrow. We'll have to pay for our son but mom and dad get to eat free. Sweet!


Lots of restaurants are offering Freebies !