questionswhat's a good budget knife-and-cutting-board set…


most students (not the culinary school type) just need something that can be stored in a small out of the way place. try a decent set of steak knives and a small set of all purpose knives. also you might consider the disposable single use cutting pads (saran cutting sheets) so there is no cross contamination issue.


Sabatier is a good brand, usually on sale on amazon. I have a set I bought after college, and they're still good a decade later.


If you're only getting 1 knife, get a chef's knife. If you want to get a "set", don't buy a set that has a bunch of knives you won't use but the following - bread (serrated), paring, boning, and meat cleaver, in that order.

As for a cutting board, I like bamboo. You can also get a set of plastic cutting sheets (3) - one for meat and fish, poultry, and vegetables to avoid contamination.

As for where to buy, get a 20% off coupon and go to Bed Bath Beyond. As for brands, I started out with the Germans (Trident-Wustof) in cooking school but now use Global knives.


Woot had a Kuhn Rikon knife set a few weeks ago for a really good price--I bought it and really only use the chef's knife. I would start with one of those. I really like Kuhn Rikon's stuff. It's affordable and really easy to work with.


I'd say buy a Katana and the better you get at slicing bread or cheese the more deadly you are.


I've got all sorts of knives and cutting boards, but the knife and board I grad when I start cooking are the larger of those two Santokus and a couple plastic cutting boards similar to that one.

Get an inexpensive steel to go with the knife and learn how to properly use it. Don't put the knife in a dishwasher.

Use one board for meat and the other for everything else. This will prevent cross contamination.

$50 will give you a set that you'll use for quite a long time.


@matt1976: Thank you. I actually did end up buying the Knife-set that you listed(bought it yesterday) and with Prime shipping, it's already delivered at my home today :) also i got it a lot cheaper 15.xx