questionsamazon to offer same day shipping?


Could you provide a link to the source of this information?


I would pay a premium for the service.

I work 8am-? and am not always able to get to the store. Amazon is cheaper for many of the items I purchase anyways.


It would depend how much extra and what it was I was buying, but it seems like a cool idea. I don't think I would like paying sales tax if they have to put more distribution centers in more states though.

What sounds even better is Amazon's yesterday probably need prime though

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Not interested in same day shipping. Don't want/need that instant gratification. Nope. I'm one who uses Free Super Saver Shipping. Won't even spend the $79 (?) a year for the 2 day shipping w/Prime.

Will admit that woot's snail shipping has tried my patience at times. Yet, sometimes it's worth the wait if you're saving money. Also, the $5 a day is nice. ...Even if I do think they raised the prices on most items to compensate. But, I digress....


@zl1: I think they are planning expanded distrubiton centers since they are soon going to be forced to collect tax regardless. Something like 10 states are already slated over the next year to begin charging tax even though they have no presence. They have probably been holding off on this due to the tax thing, but now trying to make a positive out of it.


I totally read that as "same day stripping" and was impressed to see that it is actually possible for Amazon to offer an even broader range of inventory.


Not in this case. I don't need anything fast enough to have it delivered that day. If I need it that badly I will go get it.


It would depend on how badly I needed an item quickly, what the same day shipping cost and how much time and fuel it would cost me to get the item on my own...

Time is money and a gallon of fuel costing X lets me travel Y miles...


Getting a Prime membership with Amazon has changed the way I shop. If I need something I'll check Amazon first. It is all about convenience, selection, price and saving time.

Slate has an excellent article about how Amazon's recent about face on paying state taxes is a precursor to next day or same day delivery.

If they every extend Prime benefits to Woot, I'll be in deep trouble.


Heard about this on the news a few days ago. Should take an even bigger bite out of brick & mortar retailers....