questionsdo you downvote a deal because of a few cents?


I won't downvote a deal if it is off by a few cents, but I may tattle on it as expired if it doesn't match the price. The way I see it though, if a deal is posted and it isn't accurate, doesn't it deserve to be downvoted or expired? I'd say so, yes.

As the poster of a deal, if you feel there is merit in keeping your deal active, you could always tattle on your own deal and choose "other" to ask the staff to alter your post to reflect accurate pricing...that's what I'd do.


Nah...I might make a comment stating the difference, and not upvote it if I thought it wasn't really a good deal to begin with...but I don't see this as grounds for a big fat downvote.


A few cents doesn't make a difference. I down vote for: Deals that don't state it's a mail in rebate in the title, Deals that are cheaper somewhere else (because some wooters may think it's a deal by seeing it here,) Deals where an item is cheap but the shipping is outrageous, and "bandwagon deals" like the trend towards crabs, bacon or what ever, that just waste space on the site and my time to sift through... I DON'T down vote unique deals- like the space shuttle or a Russian tank, just because I like to see that stuff!


Absolutely not. Sometimes deals on Amazon can change by as little as a few pennies. It's an insignificant amount and not worth the time to change or to bother the Woot folks with.


Never. Like curli76 said Amazon has a habit of fluctuating by a couple pennies. There have been plenty of times I have seen a price such as $7.97 on Deals and then $7.99 on Amazon.


Nope. I wouldn't down-vote it. A few cents would not matter that much.
Now if it were a couple of bucks, I leave a comment.
What bothers me the most is the omission of shipping. Not saying it is a deal killer. It is just annoying to go through ordering to find out that the order has $x to ship.