questionshave you had carriers lie about delivery attempts?


[continued from above] I was more upset at the lie that I was not available to receive my package than not actually receiving the package. Later in the day, there was another "delivery attempt" at a time when my front door was wide open because my guy was out in the front yard doing stuff and I was again 5 feet away. A notice was supposedly left but it must have been invisible.

I've been ordering from Amazon a lot and have gotten the majority of my packages fine. In fact, if a delivery was really attempted, they would have just left it because all my other packages have just been left at my door step.

I suspect because Amazon is big on the guaranteed 2-day delivery, there's a lot of pressure on the delivery carriers. To avoid a mark against them, some drivers are making it seem like it's the customer's fault instead of a service failure on their part. I'd be totally okay with getting these packages a day later, but lying about a delivery attempt that didn't happen just irks me.


@thewronggrape: That's completely ridiculous. I hope you called whichever offending service and asked to speak to a manager. I've got an amazing usps guy but fedex here is an absolute joke so I know what kind of shenanigans you're dealing with. I have no time for laziness or people trying to get over like that.


@zuiquan: I tried to call USPS but they had nobody to talk to on Sunday. I did some Googling and it looks like this happens quite often, especially with FedEx. I saw one story online where a lady caught her FedEx guy just going up and down the street with those "Sorry We Missed You" door tags. His truck was a block away and he was too lazy to carry the packages with him so he was just leaving notices without knocking and running away! I hardly ever get anything delivered via FedEx and am feeling lucky that I don't have to deal with them much.

Also, because it was a Sunday, my regular guy probably wasn't the one supposed to be working the route. Maybe a (lazy) seasonal temp or someone who is unhappy about working on a Sunday? They better redeliver my packages today. Despite what it says online, there were no notices left for me to fill out or pick up from the post office >_<


Hope it was the right house the attempt was made!

My FedEx dropped them off by the door, rang the bell and started walking away, he heard me open the door, stopped, turned around, walked up the steps, picked up the packages, handed the packages to me, and told me to 'have a nice day'.
I said 'OK? did I need to sign?',
he said 'nope'.
I almost said so why did you stop and come back, but instead I said 'have great day, thank you very much'.

FYI My last UPS delivery was made by a plain clothed man in an unmarked minivan.


I've had this happen more than once. I've called and complained but it doesn't seem to do any good. They make sure to get it delivered the next day but I don't think my complaints ever had an impact.


As noted above, this time of year, UPS and FedEx use seasonal help, lots of overtime, as well as pulling office workers out into the field to help with deliveries. Not always a good recipe for great service.

And yes, I've gotten a door tag left on a day I've been home before. Always frustrating. At this point, I have almost everything delivered to my office, and that is almost never an issue.


I'm pretty sure that complaining accomplishes nothing. It just bothers me that there's no consequences for someone lying about a delivery attempt. I did send Amazon a message and was very clear that I wasn't blaming them. I just wanted to let them know that these delivery attempts were false. I felt it was important that they were aware of things like this and maybe if more people reported it, someone would do something about it. I expected some sort of canned answer back, but I got a nice response saying that they appreciate the information and will be sending my feedback to the shipping department because they actually want to hear about how their new Sunday delivery with USPS is coming along.


absolutely. OnTrac was supposed to deliver my package by 8pm, guaranteed. their site showed a delivery scan of 7:51pm. i'd been home the whole time and there was no package at the door. i went around to my neighbors in case it had gotten delivered there. nothing. i went back home (now 8:15pm) and still no package. i called ontrac and she said she would contact the driver but it might not get delivered until tomorrow. the woman didn't sound in a particularly helpful mood, so i didn't push it. now it was 8:30. i said screw it and went out to get some food. when i got back around 845, the package was there. driver was probably trying to CYA and scanned early so he didn't get dinged.


Yes I have, but I also had something even more hinky happen once. I used to manage an independent shipping place. I shipped a customer's package, from Florida to Wisconsin. Tracking showed the package arrived in Wisconsin, then in New Jersey, back to Wisconsin, and then to Jersey again, in all it made the trip about 4 times, over 2 weeks. Then it disappeared for a week. I was so happy when it finally showed as delivered, but the customer insisted that it hadn't been. Sure enough, when I pulled up the signature, it was mine. As if I had signed for it, in Wisconsin. While I was in Florida. The weird part is that I didn't sign for outgoing packages, only returned ones. And that was very seldom. So apparently my signature was just sitting in their system, and they could attach it to any package, at any time. The good thing was that the customer was a regular, and trusted me implicitly throughout, and the package was ultimately delivered, intact a week later.


happens to me all the time - more-so around the holidays.


I got a vacation package from a travel agent in FL before travel was paperless. There was a holdup on the packet and the agent overnighted them 3 days before we were to leave. I was at work when UPS sent a car to my house to deliver at 11am. I came home for lunch at 1, found the failed delivery slip and called UPS. They'd already sent them back! They were back on my agent's desk in FL by 4pm. I had to get permission to have them delivered to my office (after 911 government buildings forbid delivery of personal packages). They overnighted them again and I got them the day before we left. I have a fence with a locked gate so unless I hear the truck I don't know they are there. They usually drop the packages over the fence, but last night the UPS guy rang the concealed wireless doorbell on my fence. I was surprised he found it, but he said a neighborhood kid showed him. I'm glad the kids are so nice as in some neighborhoods they'd be pranking that doorbell all the time.


Our tracking report right now says: "Jun 18, 2015 5:03 PM Delivered". It is 12:59PM. WTF?!?!