questionsu2 old school fans - which is better…


Joshua tree...although Bad is one of my favorites of all time.


I am a fan of War and Joshua Tree. I can listen to the entire albums, which is more difficult on some of the newer stuff.


Easy for me - love both but Joshua Tree is better. It's arguably their best album and one of the best in the pop/rock category. U2 was known before but Joshua Tree "made" them.


Have you all heard the bootleg that's become known as 'Rock's Hottest Ticket'? It was a really well done bootleg of a Joshua Tree era concert that had really wide circulation. Lots of fantastic performances right as they were becoming the phenomenon that they have turned into. If you haven't, I highly recommend picking it up. Note that since it's a bootleg, you should never have to pay for it. You can download it all over the place.


@okham: Speaking of that recording, here's Bad from that particular concert. Gives you an idea of how fantastic this recording is and is easily one of my favorite performances of what I agree is probably my favorite song of theirs. This is audio only btw.


Joshua Tree was the better album. But Unforgettable Fire has "Pride" on it, the song that made me take notice of U2 and really blew me away.


Joshua Tree wins this one.