questionswill disney sell the theatrical releases of theā€¦


I created this online petition awhile back to urge Lucas to do it . . .

. . . but maybe now Disney will do it instead!


It will be quite difficult since George Lucas destroyed all the film prints used to make the new version. It all depends on if they can find enough good copies of the film to move forward with it.


I very much doubt it. Just because Disney owns Lucasfilms now doesn't mean they have the rights to the older films.

I know someone took it upon themselves to re-create and release the original trilogy. It's a fan-made project so the quality is a little iffy at parts, but it's supposed to be right to the theatrical editions. You can order blu-rays and I think DVDs. I don't recall the site, but I'm sure a Google search would yield it.

This is probably the only way to find the theatrical versions of the films.


I've never seen what the big deal was really. I think some parts of the new versions are dumb and clunky (Greedo shooting first) and would probably watch the originals if everything else was equal, but the overall fan outrage is so far over the top it's silly. Let's face it, they aren't THAT different. All the major characters and plot points are still there. Based on the outrage you'd think Lucas cut half an hour from each film and added the Teletubbies and a rapping cartoon ewok who appears in every scene or something.

I can also understand that Lucas doesn't really want two seperate versions of his movie out there, confusing uninformed customers and essentially competing with themselves. Anybody who really needs them can always hunt down those Costco DVDs from a few years ago.

Now, the Clone Wars stuff, on the other hand, that really DOES suck.


I don't think that's possible for them to do.


The Original Theatrical releases were labeled 1-3. Zero prequels. Lucas intended to make 9 Movies not six. Three actors played Vader.


Or yo could find the fan made "despecialized" versions online. They're 720 and have been meticulously restored to theatrical. That's the only thing I will watch until they release a set where Greedo doesn't shoot.