questionswoot needs to speed up the servers....i have…


You are new here, so some slack is in order to be cut. Woot will NEVER upgrade their servers, even now that they are part of Amazon apparently. When Woot was just a single site and had the famous BOC's, their servers would crash every single time. This went on for years and was never fixed. But hey, this is America and you are free to dream of better things.


@zippy the pinhead: You would think they could at least fix problems like I had - the CSS file for the site wouldn't load for quite a while. Pages would come up completely unstyled, but the caching server couldn't serve up the CSS because it wanted a fresh copy from Woot's servers. I would think that something mostly static like CSS would be able to be served continuously from the caching server even if a fresh copy couldn't be retrieved. Instead, the CSS came back as a 503 error message and not the actual content. It seemed like a nearly pointless form of caching too when you consider the purpose.


We were experiencing some site issues yesterday and our developers were working on it. Sorry for the frustration. Seems like things are mostly back to normal today.