questionsdo you vote in the shirt.woot derbys?


I vote when I remember. As far as shirts go, I'm still not thrilled about the change in blanks, but have bought a few when I've got a coupon. I would be more likely if there were an email going out about voting opening up.


Like @okham I vote when I remember. I am one of the women that actually prefer the fit (except the length) of the Anvil shirts, so that doesn't keep me from buying shirts. I hadn't originally checked in on yesterday's sale, but WOW that was some craziness, especially for a 1st place derby winner.


I used to vote all the time, but not as often anymore. I hate it when I see a shirt I'd like to own and know that even if it wins, I won't buy it. That takes a lot of of the fun out of the derby. When I remember, I still vote to support the artists. I don't always remember, unfortunately.


I used to, but I caught myself voting for things I wouldn't wear, thus defeating the purpose of voting in the derby.
I still follow the derbies a bit. There are quite a few good designs floating around out there.


I used to as well. But I kept falling in love with designs that came nowhere close to printing and would get sad.


Sorry, but not any more often than usual since "the change". Which is now basically never.


I don't much see the point in voting for something I'm absolutely certain NOT to buy, so I'm out of derbies until AA or something of similar quality is back for good for every shirt. It seems a waste of perfectly good designs to print them on something destined to lose shape or fall apart quickly.


I still vote when I remember, but I'm not crazy about the new system of how the winners are chosen. I feel like voting doesn't matter as much as it used to. In the last 2 derbies I've voted in, not one shirt I voted for made it to print. I did just vote in the new one, but it's not full of entries yet. I also miss the AA blanks, I liked the length of the shirt, but I do enjoy the side sales. I'm always up for an apron or a hoodie.


@okham: I haven't seen a coupon in ages! I was supposed to have gotten one, and thankfully Woot honored it, but I'm wondering what happened to them.


I get what you're saying but there seems to be an unbreakable lock on votes and it really feels like the fix is in every week. So, no, I don't vote any more. I get tired of seeing great shirts get surpassed by cutesy stuff all the time. I'm not not voting for blanks but more for art.


I usually only vote when I see a shirt I would like to buy. This week's derby does nothing for me. I did forget to vote in last week's derby though.


I vote every once in a while, but I don't go through each design like I used to, just a quick scan for anything that catches my eye.
As @Kevlar51 proposed, I think it's more the site change than the blank change that contributed. The former for "casual" voters, the latter for the more dedicated.

To the other point, as atheist activism becomes more widespread, believer butthurt increases in proportion.

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I don't. I have more than enough T-shirts taking up space that I don't need to go looking at more.


@okham: The votes open the same time every week - Friday at Noon, and close the following Thursday at Noon (Woot-time).

@mkdr: @pemberducky's comment: today's offended party is pretty much all y'all.

@trekmiss, @starblind: Yeah; I've given up counting how many "would've but won't" designs. Nonetheless, the side sales, strange things like RBBG, and a hope that there's change in the future keeps me voting.

@metaphore, @dfunk29: I often cast votes for shirts that won't make it to the fog too, but with the newer derby rules and honorable mentions, there's still a chance. Also, it's real feedback to the artist to what's working better or not.

@zuiquan: I feel that cutesy (and anthropomorphic foods) is losing its dominance these days; geek seems to be on a comeback, however.

@tippypaws: Very fair, since the button does say "I'd want one".

@j5: It's hard to argue which was the greater cause, though - both were detrimental.


I vote just I feel like it!


I vote sometimes, usually if it's a derby theme that catches my attention. Most of the time I just get too busy and forget.