questionswhy are some posts zero up/down, and yet zero…


I'm confused. Do you mean that there are posts that have zero votes, and you don't understand how they got there? You do know that if you haven't purchased anything from one of the main woot sites (woot, shirt, kids, wine, home, sellout, or moofi) that you can't vote, right?

If you haven't purchased anything, your initial posts have zero, and if no one votes on them, they stay at zero. Many of the vendor accounts have no voting privileges.

If you mean something else, please explain what it is you mean. Provide examples. Show your work. This will count 17% towards your final grade this semester.


I noticed that also and assumed it was because the actual seller was posting it and was unable to upvote. Just a theory of mine.


Wootbot also posts deals at 0.


Interesting question, there is one right now from fordness that is at 0, with no upvotes or downvotes. Doesn't the poster automatically upvote his/her own question?


I think you need to have purchased an item from regular woot in order to have your woot score start at 1.
I'm pretty sure i read that somewhere before.


Thanks, all! I did not realize that there was a rule for woot! order before you get a score on a post.