questionswhat makes you trust a site with your…


Much like what I buy, research.

- Does the site look professional? If it's sloppy, lots of misspellings, grammar, etc., pass. If they can't get that part down, I won't count on them getting my order down either.
- How easy is it to locate their information? If I can't find their return policy, how to contact support, and a physical address, pass.
- What do other folks think? A search on Google for their name should always yield something with ratings on how they perform as a seller. If not, or it's chock full of questionable practices, pass.
- Secure cart checkout. If I don't see https when I check out, pass.
- Do they support Paypal/Google/Amazon payments? Not saying that I still can't be scammed, but there's at least a level of isolation between my personal financial information and their database.
- Finally, what is my gut feeling? If after all this, I still question them, then better safe than sorry.


If it was good enough for honest narfcake, it is good enough for me.
Remember , It's not the first mouse that gets the cheese most of the time.


Modern design, no mispellings or mistakes in grammar, it doesn't look like it was built from a template, clearly marked prices, clearly visible (and reasonable) return/exchange policies, I check places like resellerratings...

Overall, it's kind of an all-around evaluation of my "feel" of the site. The list above are just the things I can actually identify that go into my decision. If it's a place I'm unfamiliar with, I use the Paypal or Google Checkout option, if it's available.


Is there free stuff involved? (Yes/No)

Can I find my credit card? (Yes/No)

Am I sober? (No/No)

Why not!


because i have a paypal. Only reason. Paypal or nothing (usually)


My information is pretty much useless to anyone, including myself. Identity theft would probably raise my credit score.

Aside from that, I try to stick to well known sites. When in doubt, I Google the site to see if there are complaints from people who got stiffed.