questionschallenge: cheapest bulk package of 512mb or 1gb…


Sorry, I don't have an answer for you, but I wanted to comment that the thought of getting a bulk order of cheap flash drives would make me worry about whether any of them contain a virus or rootkit that may unknowingly be passed onto the users. Just scary, especially if you're looking for 'cheap' which often means that China is involved somehow.


@90mcg112: It doesn't matter if they arrive infected. If you loan them out to random library patrons they're all going to come back infected before long.

Whatever plan they have for scanning and cleaning returns from the users will also work to verify the initial shipment.


Lots of good suggestions in that other thread. I don't really have much to add to it, except you really should be able to keep the cost per drive below ~$3.50 at most (though maybe a little higher if more capacity is needed). Any higher wouldn't be a good deal.

Since this is for kids, I highly recommend the silicone wrist band drives like you see here:

Really nifty things, and kids are less likely to lose them.


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Never heard of aforementioned companies but I buy all my bulk flash drives at Price is decent and quality is solid. They print my logo for free too. I am a photographer and giving my customers usb deives with my company name on it is a big advantage.