questionshow do you find out the name of a song that is…


I use youtube & enter the lyrics - the main refrain. Usually find that pesky song, too! :-) Then it becomes a full-blown earworm.


I usually just google the parts of the song I can remember and usually have pretty good luck in finding it.

Is it "Who'll stop the rain" by CCR?


Yeah, tried the YouTube outlet with no luck. If I knew more then three words im sure it would be easy, but alas I stink.

The wife suggested CCR too. Great tune, but not the one I am looking for.

Thanks for the suggestions!


just start singing it at the top of your lungs in the middle of the office. someone will figure it out for you.


@coondogg97: is it this song?

edit: oops, wrong link. here's the right one:


Maybe Jonny Lang, Wander this world? Has the Jack Johnson style Guitar tapping


I usually google lyrics also to identify songs. This is the one I thought of based on your original post...


Thanks @carl669 - Most of the people in my office do not get back for another hour. I am sure the song will still be barreling around in my head I will start singing it aloud to the masses.

Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately that is not it either.

Maybe this will help:

And I wonder.... da dada la dada la da....... And I wonder......


@lichme: No, but you're right, it does have a Jack Johnson feel to it. But the song I am stuck on is even a little slower then that tune.

It is a very soft "And I wonder" and I believe (at least in that section of the song) there is only an acoustic guitar playing the "da dada la dada la da" part.

Thank you everyone again, I appreciate the help!


How about Little Runaway?
"And I wonder, I w-w-wonder
Why, why why she ran away?
And I wonder where she will stay?
My little runaway, run, run, run, run, runaway "


Foo Fighters - Everlong

They have released many recordings of this live, with Dave Grohl going semi-solo on it. Sounds kinda Jack Johnson like I guess.


@coondogg97: Oh, dear. Now I have the earworm, too. It's an old song, and I haven't clicked on any of the youtuber things, but suspect that no one's come up with it yet.

Do you think it is the christmas carol you are thinking of?

I first heard this sung by Peter Paul and Mary (RIP, dear woman), in the long ago.

{Almost forgot the title, which is, to no one's surprise, "I wonder as I wander"}


@xdavex: I grew up listening to my parents play Cousin Brucey, so I am fond of the oldies, but it is not an oldie.

@fierytresses: I thought you had it! But no, that's not it. I think that may be the closest I have seen to it here.

@shrdlu: Sorry to suck you into my world. But you actually hit the other side of the spectrum for once and went too slow. The other suggestions were too upbeat.

This happens to me from time to time but I have never been this "stuck". I can't imagine the artist is very popular or the words Wonder or Wander are in the title or I (you) would have found it by now.

Anyway, thank you all again for the continued help.


Shoot! First thing that came to my mind was the Howard Jones song, but you said that's not it. No idea at this point, but now I'm dying to know what it is, so please keep us posted.


You can hum or sing it into Soundhound. Doesn't work with Shazam, but Soundhound's fingerprinting gets the melody and will point you to the right song. If there's more than one version of the song by different artists, that won't get you all the way there, but close.


@omnichad: That never seems to work for me. Either I am a moron or my iPhone doesn't like my breath.

@pitamuffin (and everyone else who played): I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man, you have no idea the amount of joy that went through my body when it started playing and it was the right song! It is.....

Chris Isaak - Now I Wonder

After learning it was Chris Isaak I thought "duh, it sounds like him". But in my defense I don't know much Chris Isaak stuff.

I am happy I found it and Amazon should be happy its a buck richer!

Thanks again for all of your help everyone. I know if I wasn't me and I read my post I wouldn't like me. So thanks for contributing!


I'm glad you figured this out because I was wondering how to do that too!


@coondogg97: Yeah after reading your post I had a song stuck in my head too. I think it was Foo Fighters but I'll listen to the Chris Issak song when I get home.

I usually just force the song, eventually a little bit of a riff or another line comes to me if I keep thinking of it.


Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder


Now I Wonder if I can forget that this search ever happened. My resources were exhausted.


best app is SOUNDHOUND. you click and let your phone listen for a few seconds, and it then either offers the exact song, or a selection of a few songs that could be a match. Also includes links to buy/listen/watch the song. Got it free on amazon a few months ago and love it. You can even hum or sing the song to this app, and it's usually right on the name of the song.... My wife didn't believe it, so I started the app, she hummed about 10 seconds of a song I didn't even recognize, but soundhound figured out it was "firework" she was humming.