questionshave today's sponsored deals set a record for…


I don't know if it's a record or not but there are some theories in this similar yet different thread.


nope, any crocs deal will beat those 3 combined


There was at least one other day when 3 deals were negative, but I don't remember the exact specifics. I know one man's trash is another man's treasure and all, but I wish Woot was a little more selective about the sponsored stuff, as they're supposed to ("if your deal is lame, or sketchy, no amount of money will let you buy your way in.") There's some repeat offenders like TravelZoo and Szul that the community has pretty clearly opposed.


I think this is pretty hard to beat

But yeah it's been a while since a day like this. Sometimes you just get a bad bunch I suppose. I'm pretty sure there was a day were we had 4 sponsored deals in the neg though.


I evidently should have made my question clearer.

It's the only day I can remember seeing three of sponsored deals all with high negatives.


As others have pointed out, there have been some pretty bad days around here before.


These are pretty extreme negatives considering it's still early in the day. We're not looking at a record yet but by day's end it's possible.