questionsi need help choosing the right nerf dart guns


By the way, the choices for last year were wonderful, and thanks again to anyone and everyone who helped me with them.


If you choose an N-Strike gun, any N-Strike dart will work. I have the Maverick and I purchased both the suction and whistler darts, 36 pack to go with it.

edit- The cocking feature may be a little tough but can be managed by a 6 year old boy and girl who have used this gun.


Well, if he doesn't have any of them yet, I would say to start with something basic, like the N-Strike Maverick. It shoots the regular Nerf darts (and you should probably buy extra ammo).

My kids prefer the disc shooters now, and of those I would recommend the Vortex Vigilon. And extra ammo.

Basically, I would just stay away from anything too large/long, because they can actually be kind of heavy and unwieldy for a kid that young.


I'd echo the guidance from @pitamuffin. Get one that's smaller and easy to use. The bigger ones are certainly cool and impressive and will wow the kids, but actually the last thing they'd want is something so heavy that they won't have fun with it. I have one of the last massive supersoakers that came out years ago, but it's uncomfortably heavy for me as an adult.


Yay! Useful answers already! Lucky me. I'm probably leaving this until at least tomorrow morning, just in case something else good shows up in a comment, but I think this is a pretty good start.

There is already at least one Nerf dart gun in the house (although I'm not sure which one it is), but the n-strike thing looks pretty cool. Yes, I know there needs to be additional ammo. Always.


@shrdlu: Interestingly enough, I was looking into buying one of these for my nephew.

You just missed a promotion at Toys R Us where if you order any nerf gun, you could get a free dart refill pack. However, Toys R Us also has another promotion right now where if you buy one nerf gun, you can get the second one 40% off.

Here's the Maverick.

I also think the Maverick will do fine. You may want to pick up some whistler/glow in the dark darts for some extra fun.


this is a useful thread : )


The Maverick is a great, basic gun. Large enough to have some power, small enough to be easily for kids to use and run around with. It's also easily modifiable (if you're into that stuff) to make it shoot farther, have the magazine flip all the way out, etc. Probably not as important for a kid right now but maybe in a few years.

If the kid is new to Nerf, you might look at getting a couple of guns (at least two) so that he can have wars with his friends, siblings, parents, etc. My rule of thumb when buying "weapons" for my nephews is to always make sure that I can be equally well armed when in their presence. So I always try to give guns, swords, lightsabers, etc in at least pairs (or one to each of my nephews...and sometimes one for myself). It's more fun if you have someone to battle against.

You might also look at the Nerf Jolt. It's a small, single shot gun but has great range. If the kid has mischievous parents this might be a good gift for them for "self defense".


If you want something basic to give him, definitely go with the Maverick. It's cheap and easy to carry around.
However, if you want to be the coolest dad EVER get him the N-Strike Recon. It's a bit pricier, but it's customizable and to a kid it'll be super awesome.


I got the Maverick (and a bunch of different types of ammo), and I believe that it'll be a pretty successful toy. After thinking about it, I realized that my daughter would have to be around this child, and that it would be more likely for him to survive to eight if I did not purchase the "Whistler" style darts. Glow in the dark ones, you bet. Suction tips, of course. There are even Velcro tipped ones (which logic suggests will stick to other things than just Velcro patch jackets, and they looked fun).

Thanks very much to you all. :-D