questionswhen are 4tb hard drives supposed to be released?


@capguncowboy: Thanks :) Hopefully this will affect the WD prices as well. I've always been a big believer in them over Seagate and won't purchase anything else.


@dmaz: I was the same way for years. Then I bought the Caviar Blacks. Don't get me wrong, they're great drives but they keep falling out of RAID...

However, the Samsung Spinpoint F3 drives are fantastic. They run about the same price and have NO stability issues whatsoever. Sure, they're not quite as fast as Caviar Blacks, but I'll take a few ms longer to access my drives if they can guarantee they'll work all the time


@capguncowboy: Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely all about reliability over minute performance differences.


For internal drives, better check your operating system and format abilities to see if your computer can support a 4TB drive before you buy one.

If you use a PC, your BIOS might be a limiting factor. XP without any service packs has a size limit. Also, if you have an old computer, make sure your SATA controller supports AHCI. You might need to buy a new SATA controller to bypass the one on your motherboard if it doesn't support a high capacity drive.