questionsis anyone interested in an update to my seattle…


I am from Seattle, and it is truly an amazing place. We love to geocache, which is a great way to get a tour of the city without being too "touristy." As for burgers, you must must must go to Dick's, they are the best burgers you'll find. Some of my favorite areas are Fremont and Ballard, very Scandinavian and wonderful food as well as local brews. As for parks, I personally love Green Lake and Golden Gardens, which is the public beach area. Safe travels and I hope you have a great time!


@narfcake: Sadly, no. The trip is scheduled around performances of the show.


Thanks for posting this! Some friends and I are going to Seattle for PAX but have a couple of free days to explore. Didn't even know where to start. Thank you.


You better jot down the suggestions you're getting, as I fear this question will not be up long. It is not deal related, you know.


I hate to sound like a foreigner coming in here and causing trouble, but Dick's is not a great burger and all the people who compare it to In 'N Out are out of their freakin' minds. Unless it's right there outside your hotel, don't waste precious time finding one.

But the best sushi I've ever had is in Seattle. And the salmon is inSANE!


Oh, if you've never had a maple donut, hit Top Pot too!


@slydon: I'm not staying in a hotel. I'm staying in a shed.

I haven't been around here much and didn't realize all the questions had to be deal-related now. Boring.


I was interested in the topic before and plan on revisiting it. I will be in Seattle for a couple days next month.

Seattle seems to have a magnet for tourism here.