questionscan you help me find a good deck chair for…


I've had one of these in the past, and found it quite useful. There are wooden ones on as well. Perhaps a search for lounge chairs on there would be a good place to start.


Check out your local Costco, BJ's, or Sam's Club for the lowest prices, but I have one of these:

I picked it up for around 80 bucks. It's held up for several years. I'm 5'10". These are long enough to stretch my arms out over the top of my head & have plenty of support. Works extremely well for sunning. Firm straps, no sagging or sinking. No arms. Full sun exposure.
Best of all, I can put a book or a kindle underneath & read between the straps. I fold up a small towel to put under my forehead to raise my face up a bit.
Extremely easy to clean. Yes, it seems pricey, but it's extremely comfortable. Home Depot carried these last summer as I recall, too.

Before anyone starts to rail against sun bathing, I'm doing it on doctor's orders. My calcidiol levels were critically low. The sun is amazing for getting that Vitamin D into the bod.


@lavikinga: Whew...glad you added that last bit. As a reformed sun worshipper I'm worse than an ex-smoker on this subject. Railing against tanning is what I do, especially after having some scary spots burned off my skin. Yes, the sun does add Vitamin D but please be careful :-)


@lavikinga: Those will stay nice if you don't leave them in the elements all year round, otherwise straps will break within 2 years, buyer beware.

Personally I'm a fan of the adirondack style chair for sunbathing, but only works for your front side...


@lavikinga that is great, I'll dive around for those, thanks!

@woothulhu we have a few adirondack chairs for general lounging, and love them!

Thanks for the help!


@ohcheri: Keeping my calcidiol levels up into a normal range helps keep my off antidepressants and keeping off the antidepressants helps keep my weight down. Funny thing about antidepressants...they can make you crave carbs in the worst way and you won't care that you're gaining weight--well, not care as much as one should.
Once my doctor figured out that my horrendously low levels were causing the depression, we were able to reverse course with the meds and get off of them while raising my levels with sun and D3 supplementation. Winter is always the hardest on me.


@lavikinga: Sounds like you found a good doctor, enjoy the summer!


For something a little nicer ($500), have you looked at Bayside All-Weather Wicker Lounge Chair by Resin Wicker (or their other lines)?

It's currently 50% off at The Foundary ($250 for another two days):


@lll0228: That does look nice, but doesn't seem to recline. Thanks for the info.

Do know if wicker is still as terribly flammable as it once was? My friend in high school had a wicker chair his parents wanted him to get rid of, so of course we set it on fire. That thing was engulfed in flames in only a few seconds, great to watch when you are 17, but terrifying to have in your house!