questionsdid you hear? star wars: the clone wars has been…


The art was so awful I wasn't ever able to watch it. But I understand there was some good storytelling.


@moondrake: The first time I watched it I got a headache. The second time I got a headache, coincidence or not, I did not watch it either. I wanted to watch it.


If you could get past the art style (which, agreed, was a bit much) the plots were pretty good. I guess that it's important to remember that this wasn't aimed at me (an adult) but at kids, whose tastes were different. I do wonder why they quit: this seemed to be a pretty popular (and I would hope profitable) endeavor.


Meh. I'm still in the old school of episodes 4-6....the ones that really mattered. :)


Did anything really matter after the first two movies (episodes 4-5)?


as someone who's been a fan of the series, the recent season finale FELT like a series finale, though there were a couple obvious story lines they could have followed, had the series moved to Disney XD , as had been rumored since the merger.
but the production team clearly saw the writing on the wall and tried to tie it up as best they could.


Dont' confuse the newly discontinued "Clone Wars" with the mini-series "Clone Wars" which ran from 2003-2005 also on Cartoon Network. It was the traditional drawn cartoon instead of the god-awful CGI version. Much better.

There is so much great Star Wars extended canon fiction out there waiting to be adapted, there is no excuse for bad plots and writing.


I cannot wait to see what happens in the future of this great franchise. I still love the original Star Wars of my childhood.


Disney is full of great ideas:


@curtisuxor: The original Clone Wars was just outstanding. So much better than this one. It was a Genndy Tartakovsky project (Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory). That guy just knows how to animate action. Minimal dialogue and beautiful to watch.


Oh noes!
Now what will me kids' market branded LEGOs become?

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They seem to want to focus on Episode VII, which makes sense to me. I was never a fan of the prequel era, and the best I ever really heard about any of the various materials from it is "It's not quite as bad as everyone says!" or "At least it's not as bad as the last one!". Not exactly the way to build a saga for the ages.

As far as I know the whole Clone Wars concept comes from a single line in the original Star Wars: "I fought with your father during the Clone Wars" or something similar. Did anyone anywhere hear that line and say "Golly, I wish I could watch 60+ hours of horribly-animated backstory about that!"?


@starblind: As a fan of the original trilogy, i was always intrigued by the reference to the Clone Wars. However, i agree with you, once we found out what it was, we really didn't need multiple movies and endless 30 minute cartoons based on it. i'm hoping the episode VII and up will be much better than the prequels. The prequels were absolutely unwatchable. The only high lights of the prequels was finally being able to watch Yoda fight (which was cool as hell). in the original trilogy we were told he was a great warrior but it was hard to see that looking at the puppet. watching him bounce all over the room like a Jedi Crack-head was really fun.


@novastarj: I own the mini series on DVD. I'm even a big star wars fan, I just love Genndy.


Also, for any other Genndy fans out there, check out Hotel Trannsylvania. It's not amazing, but Genndy took what probably would have been garbage and made a decent kids movie out of it.


@ndcouch: "Jedi Crack-head" is awesome. Thanks for the chuckle.

I was so bored watching that movie on opening night. It was simply sad. But then Yoda put down his cane and straightened his back and I knew something very special was in store. It was awesome. A couple parts were a little too video game spritish, but they were easy to overlook in the awesomeness that was Yoda jumping through the air.

Picking his cane up and hunching his back with a sigh was the perfect end to the scene.

And then the movie went back to being a giant sucking sound.


@ndcouch: @mrgrogg:
I'm an average height fellow.
Whenever I'm "pursuing" a taller woman, I get grief for from my buddies:

Q:"Will you need climbing gear?"

A: Nah, I'll be like Yoda vs. Dooku

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Taking a bad show out is good. now maybe they can use the force and create a better STAR WARS show. Bad art is a horrible thing in a show that could have been good with the right art. "This is not the artists you were looking for".


Oh no! How does Ahsoka get back to the Jedi?