questionswhat should i do/see while i'm in washington dc?


Lie to some people and take a few kickbacks, you know, get the full Congressional experience.


Go see the Lincoln Memorial. I really enjoyed it, especially at night. You'll get to see the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument as well.

I would also highly recommend the Smithsonian too.


I'm not sure how close you'll be to this, or whether you have the transportation, but you might like to visit the NSA Cryptologic Museum, for something genuinely different.


Be ready to spend a week or so seeing the Smithsonian Museums. I have spent many months in Washington seeing all the historical sights, but I was captivated by the Smithsonian. So far I must have passed a month of time trying to see the entire place w/o success. It is simply captivating and all of it locks in your mind to the point of exaustion. link follows


@hossdawg97: Haha, thanks for the laugh!

@barkwoot: We saw the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument last time, but didn't make it to the any of the Smithsonian Museums. Thanks for the suggestion!

@shrdlu: Transportation isn't an issue, and that sounds like a great idea. Hopefully I can convince my friends to geek out with me! Thanks!

@pitamuffin: Unfortunately, the Nats are out of town this weekend, but we're talking about heading over to Baltimore to catch the Orioles/Tigers game.

@drj48: Some of the Smithsonian Museums are definitely on the to do list now. Thanks!


It's going to be flippin' hot, but I loved the National Zoo (it's free!). And they've launched a large otter habitat since I've been, I'd love to go back!


If you check out the Smithsonian and like video games, do not miss The Art of Video Games exhibit. It is really cool. Another thing Id recommend is a food tour - we went on one that was a bike/food tour (not sure if the offer it anymore) by DC Metro Food Tours. That was a pretty cool way to experience the city in a different way. I'd actually recommend the walking version if you like to drink as alcohol was not allowed on the bike tours of course.


The Smithsonian's National and Natural History museums are my personal favorites. And keep in mind that if you haven't been before, it may be 1 day-1 museum. The spy museum is supposed to be pretty cool, but I haven't made it there yet. The whole Mall area is pretty amazing. Very, very fun to people watch there.


Definitely the Smithsonian. And while you are in the area, you might walk over to the International Spy Museum and Ford's Theater


@unclefrog: That's even better -- I love Camden Yards.


@agingdragqueen: I'm sure as long as it's not 100 degrees, that idea will go over really well. Thanks!

@mkdr: Definitely sold on The Art of Video Games, and being a foodie, I'll have to look into the different tours available.

@flyinggirl: @adadavis: Thanks, I'll throw the International Spy Museum into the suggestion pool.

@pitamuffin: I'm anxious to see it, I've never been and I hear it's a beautiful park.


If you have any interest at all in history through stamps, check out the Postal Museum. My daughter and I really enjoyed it the last time we were in DC. If you are into stamp collectiing, the room with pullout drawers of historical stamps is a must-see.

I would also recommend the Spy Museum, although the lines/wait to get in can be quite long. Ford's Theater provides a very informative talk about events surrounding Lincoln's assassination.


Oh and I just thought of this one. The National Archives are really cool to visit. It's over by the sculpture garden off the Mall.


I used to skip school and take the subway from Silver Spring to the Smithsonian Museum when I lived there.

I spent many days checking out all the buildings (17 I think) of the Smithsonian, and still never got my fill of it. the Mall is great this time of year, so plan way more time than you think you would want to check out the Smithsonian!

My favorites: Air & Space, & Natural History.


The Arlington National Cemetery is very humbling if you haven't been.


You can take a tour of the Capitol Building by contacting your local Member of Congress.

This link is a good place to find cool speakers:


Add to the list the National Cathedral. It is impressive, free, and not crowded. If possible, find out when the organ performance/practice is and go then.

Watch one of the USMC parades, either at 8th & Eye, or in Arlington. They have them every Tuesday and Friday.

See about one of the free matinee shows at the Kennedy center. They're worth every penny.


There's one Smithsonian museum that's often overlooked.

If you're into planes, the Air and Space annex by Dulles airport (The Udvar-Hazy Center) is a great place to go. I'm hoping to get back there soon as they've replaced their old space shuttle (Enterprise) with one that really did make it into space (Discovery).

Oh, and the tour of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing is kind of fun as well.


If you like the back stories of the photos you see in the newspapers, check out the Newseum