questionswhat is the most duplicated ask question here?


Why isn't there a useful FAQ/Rules page?


Why was my deal deleted?


"Where is my stuff?" without providing any additional information


Isn't Jumbowoot great?
Did you score a BOC?
What was in your BOC?


This one, you just don't know it because it gets deleted every time.
/Tattle pending

In all honesty, my best guess would be "Where is my order.."


I think it is a "BOC" question, followed closely by "What's the deal with Ohcheri?"....


Another favorite is:

Do you ship to [insert random country here]?


Some good ones already mentioned, I'll add:

"Should downvoting require a comment?"


"I saw a XYZ on your site two days ago and now I can't find it. I want to order one."


What happened my lubricant deal?


You don't want to know how much I totally wanted to open another new question right after yours:
"What is the most duplicated ask question here?"
I managed to restrain myself.


I know it is not this one.

edit @curtise: You have much better restraint then I. I read you comment after I posted my question.

edit x2 Why did my rep drop?


Where do I get the rebate forms?

How are you celebrating <current holiday>?


@curtise: I often wonder why there is no spell check here too.....


@caffeine_dude: Deleted faster than I thought it would be. Nice work mods! It would be even funnier if you posted a "why was my question deleted"


A why did this happen, where is my stuff question that makes me want to reply, "because you touch yourself at night"


@lichme: I lol'ed, you ask why my question was deleted. I know why!
I could ask how many users asked 'What is the most duplicated ask question here?' and got their question deleted.

Sorry mods I could not help myself. Hangs head in shame

To the rest of wooters, not worth the effort.


@inkycatz: Did not want to start a question for this: Any idea what happened to the deals.woot quicklink box from


Hasn't been asked in a while but "Where did you get your username?"


Many of them are deleted, but very inconsistently: "what's your favourite/best/coolest woot purchase ever?"


@caffeine_dude: I lol'ed when I saw the question, which I clicked on (knowing, of course, why you asked it), and got the "can't find that question" error message. Pretty funny all-around. :)


@lichme: Seriously, where is it? I'm missing it; used it constantly. Do NOT care about local.woot, can find the other wootites via my favorited link.

Re: Most asked question. Not sure, am pretty certain that far too many questions are asked not out of curiosity or interest in the subject, but for rep-building. ::sad sigh::


@lichme: Turns out it's just hiding as the "sellout" box, like a ninja.


@lichme and @gmwhit: I notice that the deals dot woot bar of deals, with handy link, is still there on all the regular woot sites except for woot central. I'd consider that to be broken, and something that needed reporting. It's there on home dot woot, kids dot woot, and wine dot woot. It was never on shirt dot woot, and it still isn't. It's not on Moofi, but then, we would expect that to be a reverse of woot central, and it appears as expected.

The really dumb thing is that it's even on sellout dot woot. Take a look.

Enough with the local woot. Someone needs to put it out of our collective misery.

Bring back the deals woot banner!
Bring back the deals woot banner!
Bring back the deals woot banner!

{Now where did I put that nice pitchfork?}


@shrdlu: LOL @ local.woot - "collective misery." Could not agree more. Seems it's not working; seems it never did. Ditch it, quietly retreat & forget about it, okay? If it suddenly disappears, I'm not sure I'd notice. And if I did, I wouldn't miss it. Promise I won't bring it up again either.

Wonder if you could use that pitchfork to poke away questions in the rep algorithm, too? Please?


The syntax of your question has me confused...