questionsso what has fedex messed up for you?


You're absolutely sure someone didn't snag it off your front stoop?


Nope, both Fed Ex and UPS have treated me right the Christmas season...


The Fed Ex driver delivered one of my packages to the wrong address. Within 10 minutes of my call to them, the local office had called me back and was contacting the driver on my route. Fortunately, the people who wrongly received my package dropped it off about 10 minutes later.

I know Fed Ex is so busy this time of year. I was really impressed with their response time.


Once.. FedEx left a delivery notice on my door, after running around and arranging to have someone sign for it, it wasn't for me.

Needless to say, customer service undoubtedly learned some very new ways in the usage of curse words.


@barnabee: Just had this same situation less than an hour ago. FedEx delivered my package to the right house number on the wrong street! Fortunately a nice elderly man lives there and drove to my house to drop it off.


I haven't had any issues with Fedex this season but am not a big fan of them. Their delivery policies suck here. A while back when I ordered a hard drive from Amazon they refused to leave the package by the door by signing the form or redirect it. The only option I was given was to either pick it up at the nearest facility or have it sent back. Signature was not required.

As for UPS, I have had them deliver to my apartment's office on a few occasions even though my address was clearly listed.


So far, nothing. We're good here. :)


Not so far this year, but UPS is fond of delivering my Amazon boxes one street over... That wonderful woman and I are developing a friendly acquaintanceship over it.


I was supposed to have my daughters Christmas presents today 12/24. I tracked it all the way to the local Fed Ex office about 2 miles from my home. From then on, it says it's in transit and the deliver estimated date is N/A. It's now 6 am on Christmas morning and I have to figure out how to tell my daughters Santa got lost! Thanks Fed Ex for screwing up Christmas. I would have driven and picked it up if I'd only known!


It is appalling that corporate giants such as Verizon and Macy's still use Fedex. Fedex's business model is an exercise in sadism in which only the online customer is the victim.

As usual, a Fedex driver leaves a door tag when I have been at home all day long waiting for my item. The customer service agent tells me that it does not matter what I say, that I should calm down becuase there is no guarantee that the driver will ever return with my merchandise. Where do they train these people?

From today onward. I will cancel any online order with Fedex shipment, and either buy it from a different merchant or do without it. They have brought me nothing but grief.


FedEx smartpost is trying to deliver the woot package to Alpharetta in Atlanta (wrong city) I hope usps will check the zip code and realize the error or the package could be out for delivery for a very long time.


The woot fedex smartpost package is back in sorting after having been out for delivery in the wrong city/zip code. I hope the usps will figure out where it is going. PS the fedex tracking is better than the usps tracking.