questionshas dave mustaine finally lost his mind?


what do you mean, "Finally"?
Since when does any intelligent person actually care what musicians or celebrities have to say?
There are far more psychos pushing the belief that the government orchestrated 9/11.


I once had a co-worker who believed that the levees breaking in New Orleans during Katrina was orchestrated by the government to control the African American population. There are people everywhere who believe crazy things and unfortunately for Dave Mustaine, he's in a spotlight... I guess. He's at least getting more attention than regular people are, so when something bat-$h1t insane comes out of his mouth, it's more likely to be seen and heard by many people than if you or I said it. That being said, I think he lost his mind a long long time ago.


To the OP: That is why I try not to listen to the artist and only to the music.

@captainsuperdawg: I had one coworker tell me 9-11 was an inside job.


@mkentosh, @captainsuperdawg: Sounds like the years and years of head banging and oversized sound piercing his skull have final taken their toll.


Didn't he get thrown out of Metallica because he was such a hard core drug user that even they felt uncomfortable with him?

In other words, why should anything he says be taken seriously?


Publicity stunt or Ted Nugent wanna be? I am sure no one thought they were buying a ticket to a political rally so just shut up and play idiot,
Why would he make these comments to a foreign audience anyway?


Being crazy is the only way Ted Nugent is still relevant in society. I mean how many times can he really play Cat Stratch Fever and still be popular? Answer: past 1977, not very many.

Truthfully he is either a very intelligent man knowing that people listen when he says something totally out of this world - or he is truly bat$hit crazy, but I don't buy it. I believe he has an invitation to be a speaker at the RNC, I'm not sure who he is speaking for (or to) but there is money in a gig like that if you play that hand.

Dave Mustaine must either want a piece of the crazy train notoriety or has other asperations, but I hightly doubt he believes what he is saying. You have to be darn near mentally ill to believe in some of these conspiracy theories.


He's never been known as a rocket surgeon. :)


To quote one of my brother's favorite sayings: "He really jumped off the deep end of the shark with that one."