questionsare you excited that gov. scott walker got re…


Yes ... Hopefully a sign of what shall come... We need successful business leaders at the top who understand basic concepts like spend less than the revenues coming in. Hope hope hope!!!


I'm oblivious to the whole thing, but these people may have an opinion


Well hell yeah!
I'm never disappointed by the ability of the American public to believe a good lie over the bad truth.
Whether it was Nixon, Reagonomics, the Bad8 years of Bush, Gov Wilson and Ahnold of Kalifornia, or this guy. The people will trust the spew of demons as long as it's spoken by a rich white guy with a smile and a title. After watching the Republican Primary fiasco I can't understand why any real Christian would vote for any Republican. I'm still waiting for Romney's head to start spinning around.
And Scott: after the lie of screwing over the lower 75% to give tax breaks to the top 3%, which added another $2.6 BILLION in public debt, what do we hear? "Stay the course!" "Give the man a chance!" "Trust in Gd and Sctt!"
The Morlocks have already won.


Oh yes. We need more leaders to write laws to favor corporations over people, take away our civil liberties, tell us they want government out of our daily lives and write laws that do the opposite, allow extremists to dictate policy, and destroy the middle class. Trickle down economics has been proven not to work, yet Republicans cling to the notion like it's a holy relic. Their obstructionist tactics are doing nothing but hurting the country in the name of getting the Democrats out of office. Heaven forbid they should cooperate even slightly with anyone not of their faith, I mean political extremism, I mean party. Then there's the whole tax the rich less so they'll create jobs and raise taxes on our poorest citizens who can barely subsist on what little money they make. If I have offended anyone with this rant sprinkled with a bit of sarcasm, I'm sorry.


All I can say is that I'm saddened and sickened by what a lot of our country's leaders have done and are continuing to do in our names. And yes, I will once again vote my conscience this year and not vote for a bunch of right wingers who take marching orders from a pulpit.


thankful that the public sector unions are finally losing their clout. My wife is a state employee, and she hates her union. As do most of the people she works with. Why shouldn't public sector workers contribute a fair share towards their benefits just like everyone else?

The simple fact the teachers in Wisconsin are bailing from their union, and the fact that AFSCME is losing members by the thousands every month in Wisconsin show that common sense is finally returning. There is only so much money to go around, it's time for reality to become a part of the benefits package offered to public employees.


just watched some of the incoming results, turns out walker did even better in nearly every county than he did when he won 2 years ago.


Yes. I think it's great that he got elected, did what he said, then got re-elected. It's about time someone did the hard things that are needed and stand up to Big Labor. Good for him, and the people of WI.