questionswhat is a good gaming laptop?


Specifically I have been looking at these 2:
ASUS G75VW-AH71 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop
ASUS G750JW-DB71 17.3-Inch Laptop


None, laptops are not made for gaming, even if they claim to be. Even the $2000 level laptops may have decent mobile GPUs and stats, but any recent higher end game will still need to be played at medium to lower graphics. If you play mostly older games like WoW or CS:S, then any mid level laptop should be able to play them.
As a long time PC tech, a lot of the laptops I get in for repairs or replacement that were used for gaming, tend to be 1 year old or less and the factory refuses to repair them since they overheated and were not used "as designed" which means overheating or damage caused by gaming can void the warranty.


I am not a gamer, but have used and worked on Asus laptops, and tablets. They have excellent customer service and reviews for products. OEM replacement parts are pretty expensive, though not really that much more for the better performance. Graphics card wise the first laptop you listed is a better card for a lower priced laptop. It shows 6th in Class 1 gaming cards on Notebook Check. The 770 card on the second is way down the list.


I have an MSi GT70 and couldn't be more pleased. It has all the bells and whistles of an Alienware at a much cheaper price. Something to look into at least. I tried ASUS at Best Buy as well so you can check one out there. The ASUS keyboards really turned me off but I hear they are still good machines.

And just a comment for the guy saying laptops are not good for gaming, while this is true in a general sense (due to not so easy upgradability), it becoming a complete misnomer now as you can upgrade the GPUs and RAM and HDD of a gaming laptop fairly easily nowadays. Desktops may ultimately be better but a laptop can definitely hold its own. I can play most if not all games on Max settings with no hiccups on my MSi GT70 so...


Personally I like desktops more for gaming easier to replace parts and cheaper :)


As mentioned earlier, is a great resource- has benchmarks (and details) for just about every feasible cpu/gpu in laptops today. They even have a nice page with their suggestions:

My biggest suggestion about the laptops you mentioned is replace the hdd with an ssd. It makes an unbelievable difference in loading times in these modern systems, to the extent that you may not even be able to read the single sentence "hints" many games have on loading screens. It's likely cheaper to buy your own and install, plus you can get a cheap enclosure and use the original as a backup drive.

As far as my experience goes: I have been simply using an HP pavilion I got last May. The quad editions can have solid i7 processors and you can get decent graphics hardware, too. I put a Geforce GT 650M (2g) in mine. Was a steal at the time for ~$1k. Runs everything well.