questionswhat do wooters look like?


Gee, thanks.

No cookie for you.


I'm on my phone but ill give it a shot.


Yikes, id love to do more but this is harder than I thought it would be on my phone. Here is the real me
Sorry if there were broken links. I loved the @shrdlu one, I never tried to imagine what she looked like but I think you nailed it. I'm also not as old as all y'all think I am :P



not sure why I think your a hipster!


@cowboydann: The licencing fees for that photograph can be sent to me. I'll pm you with the details of where to send the first crippling monthly payment.


I think I'll stay out of this one and just enjoy the shooting spree.


Holy crap @cowboydann!

How did you get that picture of me!?


If I were perhaps 10 or so years younger, this would be a good approximation:

(Cate Blanchett as Marisa in Hannah) (one of my favorite scenes)

Ruthlessness is one of my very best qualities.

@captainsuperdawg: Whoever that is, he should wear more clothes. Ick. You are aware I'm female, right?

@mtm2: I think you made a very wise decision.


@conanthelibrarian: You probably think I'm a hipster because I'm always first


@shrdlu: I'm quite aware of your gender, but that was the only human that popped up on a Google Images search for "shrdlu" so I just went with it.


This is the best question thread idea this month :) At work now, but looking forward to participating when I get home!


For those of you wondering, this is me

This is @gideonfrost (on the right)

This is @shrdlu, despite what she's told you

That's all for now


@capguncowboy: cappy, those are all links to our questions asked, lol what I am missing. I am sure there is something :3

[edit] oh damn I'm smart -_- I was clicking all of the names not the This is's, well... lol
[edit2] lolololololololololololol I just got to my picture... :D goodness


@capguncowboy: I'll take it. That was actually one of the images I considered. Love that movie. Never get tired of it.


@shrdlu: it's one of my favorites as well :)


I LOVE this topic! It's definitely brightening up my rather dismal last Monday of work. Speaking of which, I can't post a photo of myself because of that pesky Witness Relocation thingie, but rest assured that I look like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson.

(Would you believe, maybe, a cross between your school lunch lady and Phyllis Diller?)


Gosh... Isn't the mystery part of the fun? I prefer to let my imagination run wild... If I learn that you are just everyday famous people this whole thing could get boring real fast!


I'm not one to post photos of myself on sites other than facebook, but I like a description that @skippykj guessed one time: "SUPER JEW! Jewbraham Lincoln in his twenties breakdancing in completely traditional Hebrew attire."

Yeah, something like that.


I've been told that I look like Michael Keaton, but with different hair and facial features.


I am so glad I decided to stay out of this - though, as best I can recall, this is my first time as Switzerland.


@cowboydann: You look exactly like what I thought! Creeeepppy!


@gatzby: Close, but not really, here's me:

Warning, I don't know genders

Here is @gatzby:

Here is @wootfast:

Here is @thunderthighs:

Here is @jumbowoot:

Here is @lichme:

Here is @lavikinga:

Here is @abramoskids:

Here is @shrdlu:

Here is @captainsuperdawg:

Here is @mtm2:

Here are @cowboydann: and @capguncowboy:

Here is @anotherhiggens:

Here is @magic cave:

Here is @coolphilip04:

Here is @loosecannon67:

I'll be back later


@iggz: can you find a higher quality version of that pic? I'd like to get it printed and framed and hang it on the wall in @cowboydann's and my bedroom

Nice work


@iggz: You have too much time on your hands(God only knows where they've been). Good work though. +1 here.


@iggz: Aw, you're just too much and don't I wish!


@iggz: HA! I wish I looked like that!

I'm really nondescript though. Kinda blend in with my surroundings. I've posted a few times on the retail side.


@capguncowboy: PM me and I'll send you the website link

@jsimsace: How did I ever forget about you?

And I can't forget about THE internet tough guy-



@iggz: Great job... enjoyed the pics!


@iggz: While I do have a goatee with some gray in it - I AIN'T THAT OLD!

Sorry...I get enough of that from my kids.


@iggz: I am so glad I went back and looked at the other pictures. I'll keep mine, thank you!


@thunderthighs: That you on vacation? Nice lake!


@iggz: You were never supposed to find that picture! No one was!!!!


@iggz: Thank you for helping me kill some time at a very slow day of work.


@iggz: Thanks. Close, but I seriously don't rock a mullet...I only wish.