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Wish I could say the same about Woot - check out my on going issue since the beginning of December with still no resolution from an order on 11/22.


@bill7718: from your initial post:

"...Imagine my surprise when at about 3:15pm I received a reply that they did not have any replacement nets to ship, that my money had been refunded and I did not need to return the defective item..."

"BTW, there is another sport.woot plus sale with the same net (it's $2 more now) so I ordered a replacement."

It is good that they refunded your money. Maybe I'm missing something here, but to me excellent customer service would have been for woot to send you the same net that was $2 more.

Guess I'm a bit jaded.


@gmwhit I agree with you more than I disagree.

After seeing the numerous complaints about service and support, I was surprised at the speed of response and remedy. I wanted to let the Wootizens know that maybe things had taken a turn for the better.

However, after rereading the email, it occurred to me that it was just a canned response that could apply to most situations. Did the Woot!Staff person know the same net was available again? I don't know. Did Riley the friendly Woot!Staffer do what they thought was best to "fix" the situation quickly? Yes, and I am happy with the outcome.

As far as paying $2 more. Obviously, it didn't bother me. The original price was only $7.99. If it had been a high dollar item, then my reaction would probably be different.

If there is a Mod or Staffer out there that feels sorry for me, a $2 coupon code would be most appreciated. ;-)

As my dad said laughing Christmas night, "This is the best catch and release net ever made."


@bill7718: I, too, agree w/you more than I disagree. Also, applaud you for your positive attitude. Can't resist saying I love your dad's sense of humor. :-D