questionsdo you prefer block ice, crushed ice, pellet iceā€¦


I prefer hand carved ice cube designs sculpted from pure glacier ice.


As long as it's not Vanilla Ice.


Crushed ice in a mixed drink, but no ice in tea or water.


I don't like having my alcohol/caffeine watered down.


Usually when I have a drink, I want to drink it. Ice just slows me down. Some drinks are good ice cold, but the ice gets in the way. I generally prefer no ice.
There are exceptions. Scotch on the rocks is worth drinking slowly.


I loved having crushed ice. Unfortunately I rarely encounter it in establishments around here.


Block ice for my diet cokes. Crushed ice melts too fast. No ice in my martinis. Not too picky about the shaken vs. stirred thing, but whichever way it's prepared, I don't want to feel a random bit of ice bumping into my lip while I guzzle, er, I mean sip the chilled vodka.


Crushed or pellet for me, but that's because I have an awful habit of chewing ice when it's in front of me, so they're a little safer than the huge blocks.


If I've got access to the beverages for refilling purposes (assuming soda or something similar) than no ice. If at a resturant or somewhere where someone else is getting my drink, then I prefer crushed or pellets. I'm okay with cubes and those weird rings, but ice usually isn't needed, unless it's crazy hot wherever I am.


If it's a fountain drink I prefer that it be crushed weird ice from the OORT cloud.

Otherwise I'd rather drink it warm than used cubed/crushed ice in pre-packaged beverages.


Whichever kind turns into a powder when you chew it 0_0. Sometimes the pellet does that.