questionsipad 2 or asus prime?


iPad 2 is overall better, but not that much better. I have an Acer Iconia and my wife has an iPad 2. Both work well, although the iPad 2 does seem to perform a little better and, of course, is lighter and thinner.

Overall, there is not enough difference for me to care about. If you are already comfortable with Android, there is no huge advantage to go with the iPad2 except for the price.

Also, personally, I am not a big fan of the App Store, so that would also be a deciding factor.

The biggest deciding factor should probably the fact that you already have an iPad2 and you don't have an Asus. If you can easily get rid of the iPad2, maybe it makes sense. If not, i'd probably just keep it and use it.


That's a tough call. On a purely monetary basis, if you can sell the ipad for enough to buy the asus outright with no out of pocket expense, then personally I would take that route. I'm absolutely not a "computer guy" but from what I've been reading about the prime, the screen has a far better response time (like a third less). It's lighter in weight and smaller in exterior dimensions with a slightly larger screen. If you should decide to keep it I'm pretty sure you'll still be happy, after all it was free. Congrats!


How much you want for the iPad? Looking for one for my wife :)


@wnyx585am: You're mistaken, the OP is referring to the Asus Transformer Prime which aren't been released yet.

Go with the PRIME, it's much better overall plus it has the lapdock capabilites and the superhydrophobic screen and other stuff. Much nicer look IMHO too.


I think I'd sell the iPad2 and get the Prime, especially if you are already comfortable with Android.

However, you will (do) have an iPad2 and the Prime isn't available just yet, so I guess it also depends on how patient you are.

I lost my iPad (first gen, a perq from work) last week. While I would not refuse another iPad if they say iPad or nothing, I doubt they will, though they may say, "sorry, wait until July (next fiscal year)." I'll ask next week and see what I can wrangle.


CONGRATULATIONS! I've been entering and entering and haven't seen my name yet LOL


While I am anxiously awaiting the Prime coming out next month to be my first tablet, as its the first android (you caught me I'm a fangirl of android) tablet (albeit with the docking keyboard) to be a worthy laptop replacement, if Apple sticks with their schedule of releases, we're looking at April to be the time they launch iPad 3.. I'm sure the Prime won't be the best for very long...

Forgive the ramblings.. lots of cold medicine at work here.

EDIT: totally didn't see the notes of what you were actually asking... I agree with what someone said above, try to break even by selling the iPad for the prime, its totally better than the iPad 2. Check out these comparisons if you need more help with specs/reviews...


Well, the Prime is on par if not better than the ipad 2. But given that theres rumors of an ipad 3 in March, which would mean a price drop on the 2. If you can, hold out for another 4 months or so then buy the ipad 2


@mysystem: mathmonkey won an iPad 2 in a contest. They're trying to decide if they should sell it and get a Transformer Prime.


First off, the only thing that matters what OS (operating system) you like more, dont really care and your more of a hardware type of guy and not so much name then the Asus Prime TF201 is better choice. If your a name brand type then the IPad2.
Asus Prime 32gig $499, and Docking Station $150. Together the battery life is about 18hours give or take Apps running and being used. Has the most powerful chipset in tablets out now, running ICS(4.0.3)Android OS.
IPad2 32gig $599, and no docking station, third party ones out there but kill battery life. Believe it has about 4-5 hours of battery life with out docking station and less power chipset.
The Asus Prime is new by several months, and in the tech field that could mean a lot. Since newer better hardware comes out ever few weeks. As of now (2/21/12) the Ipad3 is supposed to be released in about months so wait and buy the Ipad3 if your leaning towards Ipad2. But remember Apple never admits issues with there products its user issue.