questionswhat is the price differential at which you…


I've seen people repost a deal with a 20¢ difference.


It's been laid out pretty explicitly by JW (whose name I'm not going to invoke but you probably know who I mean); if it's not the same price and sales conditions today as it was when it was posted, it's okay to tattle on it.

If it's not the same deal, if I run across it I tattle, regardless of how small the price increase is. That said, I usually don't tattle on something that is now cheaper than it was originally.


If it's really old, I'll tattle if the price change is pennies...

If it's newer, I'll let it go for the most part.


@abreid :
checked out that old deal. Shame they won't upgrade VHS tapes. lol. Still sitting on a large stack, and w/ no working player.

As for your question. If they old and deal is more then the new one, even by a little it's tattled.
I have a newish ( last month) deal that just dropped by a quarter : ( and it was reposted. I am off to go expire it. If it was someone else's I would just leave it.


@magic cave: Good evening ma'am. I used to tattle on an item if it was even 1¢ cheaper or higher. Like JW said, sort of, a different price is a different price. Lately I've had an attitude shift.....I see no need to tattle anymore. Like others have said before me, especially @gmwhit , I have zero doubt that an auto-expire feature could be built into each post. I'm tired of cleaning up the old $h!t that could be more easily be done by a program. I see no benefit from a ▲ anymore. :( I'm not leaving or anything right now, but I find less and less to make me want to be a contributor. /rambling


10% is always my rule of thumb.


@jsimsace: And good evening right back to you, my friend. Truth be told, I'm in full agreement with you. I don't go hunting down old deals to tattle; never really did, as much as that other wootizen kept nagging everyone to [cough] do their part. If I'm listening to something on the radio while I cruise around here for a while I might still do a tattle or three. My tattling is more or less reserved for the knuckleheads whose posts annoy me, though.

I'm of the opinion that any deal more than a couple months old should be automatically RIP'd and just rolled right off the database. Clean out the clutter and keep the clueless from whining about the different price on their newly found two-year-old deal.

We're pretty much on the same page, as they say. Always nice to hear from you.


@jsimsace: No benefit from a black triangle! Next you'll hint that there's no Santa Claus!