questionswhat kind of deodorant do you use?


I have been using Tom's of Maine Natural Sensitive Care Deodorant Stick (Unscented). It has worked just as well as other deodorants but with less irritation for my sensitive skin. Regular deodorants cause intense itching for me which is why I switched.

It's aluminum-free and on the label it says "contains hops extract to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria". There are a number of different scented ones available as well.


i use this stuff

works well for me but i doubt it's preservative or additive free :(


I can tell you that I don't recommend Tom's Lemongrass-scented deodorant. I bought it once, tried it for a while, and found my armpits smelled like Lemon Pledge every time. Not a good smell.

I gave up and went back to Speed Stick, but maybe I'll try a Tom's unscented version based on the earlier response.


Axe, Dark Temptation. I can say that the ladies do flock, but they were flocking before I was using it, so it's tough to tell if it actually lives up to its namesake. I really like the scent too :)


Speed stick. I've also used Old Spice, though not in the last few years.

Deodorant only, never an anti-perspirant.


arm and hammer (the blue one, not white)


Right Guard - Gold Can - just like my old man. Used it since the first day I notced a stink as a youth. I'm 36 and still using the same stuff today - what is that about 80/90 cans?

Antiperspirants made me itch bad when I tried them, so I can only use a deodorant.


Sorry to say but everyone who has posted so far is wrong. (well maybe not for you, I don't think my response applies to you but there might be others who will be interested in what I gotta say)

I sweat insane amounts and usually wear 2 shirts just to be safe all the time and the best deodorant (for sweat and smell) is mitchum. They say the protection lasts two days but I've never found out (or maybe I did but didn't realize it) Either/or: This is what I use and it's fantastic!


I am male, so this will sound strange, but I use various ladies deodorants (unscented). It seems to work well at quelling smells without feeling like I am being shadowed by an Axe, Spice, or some guy named Mitch.


Whatever Old Spice my wife grabs. It doesn't matter to me what I smell like as long as it isn't horribly offensive to those around me, but if she thinks I smell sex-ay, it might increase my chances.