questionsdid water kill my leakfrog?


I'll bet you a beer that it's just the batteries.

It'll take more than a puddle to kill a LeakFrog.


My leak frogs are still snug in their little boxes. I just can bring myself to expose them to the cold, dark and damp that will become their world as they take up their sentry duty.

Hopefully, it's just your batteries.


I certainly hope it's the batteries! Poor widdle fwoggy!

Leak Frogs have souls, yknow. When they die they go to Leak Frog heaven, where all the deceased leak frogs scream all day everyday. Also known as human hell.


I had a different problem. I had water fall on top of it (including through the top holes), and the alarm would not stop unless I yanked the batteries. In my case, I kept shaking/tapping the water out of/blowing air into the leak frog until the frog would stop alarming continuously. It now works fine. So, my hunch is also weak batteries, but could be broken leak frog. However, the last step in my mind is make sure the thing is dried out completely and give it one more try. Hope this helps, and hope the frog starts working again.


Does immersion in water void the warranty?


They're supposed to float, so immersion is unnatural.


I vote dead batteries. Remember that LeakFrong doesn't make the batteries. They just include them in the package, could've been older than expected. Check batteries in all alarms at least every 6 months. I tend to check every new season, JIC.


My three year old Leak Frog started sounding off this evening. No water around. Wouldn't stop until we took a battery out.