questionsare you more likely to buy from a site that takes…


What are you worried about losing if you put it on a credit card? If you use Mastercard or Visa, you are protected against fraud.

If I visit a site and it doesn't take Visa and Mastercard, it makes me believe it's a small mom-and-pop operation and I'd be more worried about buying from them.

Also, what password are you giving to sites? I don't give any sites my paypal password except for the paypal site. Another good practice is to have a different password for every site that needs you to create an account.


@cengland0: after I regestered the site sent me the password unprotected... insted of it showing up like

Username: joeblow
Password: ****

it came to my email with

Password: jimmycrackcorn

I have always strayed away from sites that do this.

And im not worried about putting it on my card im worried about a shady site taking the info.


@magicgoat: I understand exactly what you're saying about a site emailing out the password you just entered on to their "secure site".

If they can email you your password in plain text then they are storing it in plain text. I won't do business with a site that is this stupid and/or careless about security.

This is also why I use LastPass to generate random passwords for all the sites I have accounts on - if one gets compromised then I can limit the damage to just that one account.


@durkzilla: Thanks for the info....I will look into the last pass thing.


My credit card allows me to create a number for a one-time use on the internet, and I set the amount for it to be good for. So I use that on any internet purchases.


I really like the option that @mebisping 's card offers. If you're ever concerned, produce the one time card # and it wont be an issue. I wish my CC offered that.


I have a PayPal Debit card, so even if a site does not take PayPal, they will with out knowing it.
It appears just like a Master Card.


I will NOT buy through Paypal without first checking out the seller VERY well. A few years back I got something from a Paypal seller. It never arrived from them. I went to paypal requested a refund they told me I won the dispute, but that the seller had no money in their paypal account. The seller never used paypal again. I was out $500 till I went to my credit card company and had to have it reversed on Paypal.


I don't like paypal from a buyer's perspective. Not enough protection. I use my credit card for everything.