questionswhat invention would you like to see?


I still want my teleporter, or at least a more efficient way to travel long distances. Dating someone a few hours away is no fun =P


They (you know...they) have 4 more years to make the hoverboard happen, or there will be riots.


I'd like to see a car with brake lights that indicate degree of pedal depression. 10 bars. It will hover on 1 or 2 when people are riding the brakes, and go up to 10 when people are slamming them. Would be useful when you have a person who puts on their blinker and brakes 1000 feet before their turn. :p


More efficient power or quasi self-sustaining power.

We are so limited by power/energy. While it is Sci-Fi things that appear in movies like Iron Man could be feasible with a more efficient energy source. There are "hoverboard" prototypes that function using energized magnets but the power source would be too heavy to fly untethered.


@tossthedice: Me, too. I'd like to be in Spain right n..... Ohhhhhh! Hola! .......Oops. This is SO not going to work. My brain's in Spain, but my body's still in the U.S. :-( Talk about schizophrenia. Or out of body experiences. Or something.


@tossthedice: I hear ya. 24 hours of flying to get from China to Brazil sucks.


@justincredibleg: Excellent point. A more compact/more efficient form of power is the answer. The gentleman in this video explains the problem.


I saw this on Ed Begley Jr's tv show and I think someone is dropping the ball by not having this more available...he had a stationary bike hooked up to a battery/generator and rode his bike to generate electricity. I'm not mechanical and don't remember exactly how it was put together but what an amazing concept. Think of all the people in spinning classes, on treadmills, etc. with all that potential power just going to waste. You could hook up your kid's gaming system so he/she would have to pedal to produce the power to play the game. Weight problem and energy problem both solved.


Is it bad that I read this question as "What intervention would you like to see" and started going through a mental list of my relatives?


@ohcheri: That's what I'm always thinking, why haven't we started doing this yet. The technology has been around for ages, but it has yet to go mainstream. What better incentive to work out is there than the fact that your saving money and working out at the same time.


Some invention that makes parallel parking easier.

Okay, the invention is a 5th wheel... and it already exists, but the statement still stands.


@ohcheri: but what about all your plus size models? they keep those chubby chasers happy!


The hover boards from Back to the Future... There is already a prototype that works (and is identical), but the downside is it uses magnets and it will not work if you stand on it lol..


@gregorylikescheapstu: I've had the exact same idea! Awesome to see someone else thought of this!


@gregorylikescheapstu: while not the system you describe, there are several cars that have a steady light for normal to moderate braking, and a rapidly blinking light for panic braking. not DOT here, but i believe germany and other EU countries have newer cars doing this.. audi and bmw come to mind.


I'd like to see a car that gets 100 miles per gallon of gas. I just know it could be done. When I hear people rave about getting 35 mpg on the highway, as if that were something to be excited about, well, maybe it was; 10-15 years ago. Today, with all of the new technology available, that's not good enough anymore.


@tossthedice: soon as I saw the question, I thought, "Beam me up, Scotty!"

It kills me that with all the amazing inventions & advances in so many areas in the past century, there's been virtually nothing in the way of transportation. Well, there was the jet plane, but that's gone backwards in the last 15 years.


@ohcheri: The gym I used to visit had that on their stationary bikes. They had little TVs on the handlebars and you powered them by pedaling. If you started to get too interested in the show and slowed down the TV would turn off. It was pretty funny.

Calories = energy, burning calories = releasing stored energy in the body, capitalizing on that is a great plan.


I'd like an Aston-Martin w/all those great little 'extra' features like weapons & such. You know, the car James Bond drove in..... Wait! It's a real car! Hmmm Just checked, I could never afford it. It sold for $4.6 million last year in Oct. :-( Nevermind.