questionshave you seen googles doodle? it's the 46th…


This one is an interactive doodle, you can click on some objects and different actions happen.

I tried the doors first and it took me to the transport room, beam me up Scotty!

I used to watch this with my mom when I was growing up, she still will watch reruns

Cool thanks for sharing OP


lol... I just finished killing the Gorn when I came back here to see your question!


I love how the Gorn looks like a Pez Dispenser


Cool doodle. I like how the red shirt "e" gets nervous right before he gets beamed down to the planet. I don't blame him for being scared.

I never really got into the original series but I did watch a lot of The Next Generation. When I was in high school my youth director at church got me into it. She was a huge Star Trek fan and talked about The Next Generation from time to time. she got a couple of the volunteers into it and some of us kids started watching it too. It was what the cool people were doing. I've seen a good part of DS9, Voyager and the first season or so of Enterprise. I think DS9 is my favorite of them all, particularly the later seasons. Great stuff.


Just saw it and came over to post the same question!

Back when the original series was new and exciting, we didn't get that network on TV in my area. Every time I traveled with my family they had to pull me away from the hotel TV if it aired in that area. By the time I was in junior high it was on every afternoon right after school. As long as I kept my grades up I was allowed to watch an hour of Star Trek before I started homework. In other words, I have Mr. Spock to thank for my honor roll grades!


Tribbles in the transporter room overhead compartment!


There are 3 "things" that you can click on in each major scene. Might be more but I don't think so. I love the soft focus closeup of Uhuru.


Loved it! I watched the originals. Back then it was pretty cool. And Kirk wasn't fat.


I have to admit that it's been a loooooong time since I've clicked the "I'm feeling lucky" button, so this might be old but it's the first time I've seen this.

Scroll over the "I'm feeling lucky" button and it changes to one of several options. "I'm feeling trendy" takes you to trending searches (Star Trek is #1). "I'm feeling wonderful" gave me an update on the Hubble Telescope. "I'm feeling puzzled" is a game, et al.

As I said, I might just be VERY late to this party and the rest of you already know about it, but I'm having some serious time-wasting fun looking through all of the options.

Is this new?


Aha! One of the buttons took me to a page where I can access OLD Google doodles that still work! I might never leave my computer!



On the 1st screen clicking on the console multiple times generates different sounds including phasers. Somebody also mentioned the tribbles :)


@morriea: Thank goodness! I thought I might have living under this rock for MUCH longer!


Pretty nice. Still annoyed that they didn't have one for Big Blue's 100th!


@morriea: Are you sure you killed the gorn? In the TV series, he used the projectiles to injure him but he never killed him. Both captains were subsequently returned back to their ships.


@cengland0: Alas, you are correct. I cannon-ified him.


well, this certainly calls for a round of Romulan ale!
; )